Why are World Maps Amazing?

Just returning from the trip of a lifetime? Are you planning the adventure that has topped your bucket list for years? Celebrate with a world map! World maps have been the focal point in home décor for centuries, inspiring dreams of adventure and proving that humankind's desire to explore is never satiated.

Maps are a welcome addition to home décor because they draw the eye, presenting information about the world in a more straightforward, visual way. With a glance, we learn about the size and shape of Ireland, locations of the world's wonders, and distances between the Salish Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. A world map gathers our dreams into one manageable setting, showing us where we can go and where we have been.


What is a World Map?

A world map is a map of most or all of the earth's surface. It can also detail a specific area of the world, like an Italy map, or be something like a comprehensive recreation of the bathymetry surrounding Antigua or Grand Cayman. The beauty of a world map is that it’s flexible, allowing you to take as broad or as narrow a view as you would like while still providing thought-provoking detail.


Why are World Maps Important?

Maps are dynamic visualizations of the world and its changes over time. Ancient maps illustrated the earth's surface as it was seen at that time. As our ability to study the globe's surface and develop more detailed maps has evolved, our world maps have become increasingly specific and inspiring.

It is essential to have general knowledge of the globe. It comes in handy in business settings whether or not you have clients to manage in Japan or New Zealand. Throughout our lives, we meet people from all over the world, so it is always beneficial to have some awareness of the world around us.


5 Reasons to Own a World Map

  1. Sense of direction and geography
  2. World news
  3. Historical purpose
  4. Inspire travel
  5. Remember adventures


1. Sense of direction and geography

Owning a world map gives the perspective that the world is both vast and finite. When we can visualize locations that inspire us, like beautiful Italy, we better understand that exploring our world is within reach. For example, with a world map that includes the Gulf of Mexico, we can appreciate its proximity to Jamaica and distance from South Korea.


2. World news

As we get older, our worldview expands to include more than just our immediate surroundings. We begin to recognize that there is a world beyond ourselves and the streets we travel every day. This recognition opens our minds to different people and cultures and creates a curiosity that drives travel and exploration.

We use our growing knowledge of geography to follow trending news stories, global issues, and political strategies. Maps can simplify complicated information. While it may be hard for our brain to grasp the connection between countries, by owning a world map, we can focus on the area of topic.


faded old world map

3. Historical purpose

Maps allow us to track historical events and see how our world has changed. Whether you are following issues like global warming or the movement of the military during colonization, a world map can become a visual tool to help you track those. Whether you are exploring the Mediterranean Sea or studying the shifts in the ocean floor near Nassau, Bahamas, world maps will put the changes on full display throughout the ages.

Maps also track historical boundaries aside from just physical features. From the mid-to-late 1870s, a map of Western Europe will reflect changing kingdoms and principalities. Beautiful, educational, and meaningful, these changes have lasting influences within the United Kingdom and beyond. The main center of the Renaissance comes alive in a historical Italian map and is another example of how much history can be learned from a world map.


4. Inspire travel

Owning a world map can be the inspiration for global travel! When you look at your map, you become curious about life beyond your own borders and become obsessed with the people and cultures of far-flung destinations. From the Great Lakes to the Baja Peninsula and beyond, world maps are a creative and constant reminder of where you have yet to go!

With a world map on your wall, you can plan for trips. You can see the expanse of the globe in one view, or specific parts of it like on a map of Scandinavia, and imagine your itinerary as you trek from country to country. Owning a world map is vital for changing your view and recognizing that you are an essential part of an ever-growing world of travel.


5. Remember adventures

There is no better way to commemorate your travels than with a world map. When you travel to destinations like Ireland or the Salish Sea, your memories and experiences will always be a part of you. In addition, having a map in your home can act as a visual cue of where you have been and all the places you have yet to go.

Whether you choose to collect hand-crafted wood charts to celebrate your adventures or use a flat world map to pin the locations of where you have been, a world map is an impactful way to display your journeys and keep your experiences top of mind.


How to Display a World Map

A world map is a beautiful addition to any home décor. The map will draw attention and invite conversation and storytelling no matter where you choose to hang it. There is no wrong place to hang your favorite world map.

There are several types of world maps that can be displayed within your home. You may prefer form over function, size over shape, or beauty overall - you will find the perfect high-quality wood chart to attract attention year after year. You will not have to look far to find the map that speaks to you.


Types of World Maps


UK Wood Cribbage Board

Each type of wood chart can serve a unique purpose in addition to being an elegant reminder of travel realized. So, for those who prefer functional beauty, break out your United Kingdom cribbage board for game night and strike up stories of waterfalls and pristine beaches. Prefer the minimalist look? A Puget Sound serving tray is an ideal nautical addition.


How to Choose the Best World Map?

Choosing the best world map is all about personal preference. It makes sense that if you made the journey of a lifetime, you would want a map that celebrates that experience. And, without a doubt, you would want the highest-quality world map you could find.

When expanding your imagination to include all that a world map can display, a world map will be just the beginning of your collection. Wherever you can imagine, you can go! And you can add each wood chart to your collection as you increase your worldview and rightfully indulge your wanderlust.

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