Cork Maps

In addition to our 3D nautical wood maps, you’ll also find an incredible selection of cork maps featuring destinations including Boston Harbor, the Great Lakes, Ireland, and San Francisco Bay.


These cork maps are a great gift for all occasions. Choose their honeymoon location for the perfect wedding gift for your best friend, the city he went to college for your coworker, or use one of our cork maps to surprise a loved one with a trip to a destination on their travel bucket list.


Each of our lake art cork maps features the same attention to detail seen in our 3D wooden maps, including laser-carved Baltic birch, engraved points of interest, and detailed topography. The face of the map is Baltic birch, and the depths of the surrounding water are carved into the cork for a 3D effect. Lake art is a perfect choice for decorating your home or office and can be displayed on a desk, tabletop, or hung on the wall. Showcase your love of destinations across the country and the world with our incredibly unique cork maps.