Cork Maps

Great things come in small packages! Experience the beauty of wood maps in a size that is ideal for any home or office, adding a nautical vibe to your mantle, desktop, or bookshelf. Intricately detailed with the topography of your favorite waterway, our cork maps feature a cork base that is engraved with bathymetrical measurements which complement the water depths with precision.


For a wood map collector or a newcomer to the lake art obsession, our cork maps are an ideal addition to any home. Engage guests in conversations about travel and join them as they explore the surface of your cork maps for detailed roadways and landmarks. Inspire travel and spark memories with stories of waterways and coastal destinations that are etched with precision into the surface of our cork maps.


Each cork map stands beautifully on its own, detailing the points of interest and roadways surrounding your chosen body of water. Explore the details of the lakes and rivers, laser-cut into high-quality birch with the water depths expertly etched into the cork. From the Hawaiian Islands to your favorite hometown lake, our cork maps make a stunning addition to any home and the perfect gift for any occasion.