Maine Maps

The beautiful state of Maine is a wonder to behold. From the vibrant autumns to the snow-capped winters and the ideal warm-weather activities in spring and summer, there is no bad time to enjoy the Pine Tree State. Surrounded by natural beauty, Maine has something for everyone, whether they’re looking for a vacation or a place to settle down.


Commemorate your favorite location by hanging a stunning Maine wood chart in your home. Whether you love seeking out nature around Bar Harbor, relaxing at Moosehead Lake, experiencing the vibrant nightlife in Portland, or anything in between, there is a wood chart for your most treasured spot. This unique perspective is an eye-catching way to look at this northeastern state. Explore the highways, landmarks, and water depths with an aerial view of your Maine destination.


Wood charts are made with specific bathymetric measurements, showcasing the underwater lay of the land. With laser-etched details throughout the layers of birch wood, you can explore Maine in a new way. The blue-stained wood representing water stands out from the land, giving you a striking representation of Maine’s natural beauty. Hang your Maine wood map of Sebago Lake or Boothbay Harbor in your home or office to remind you of a sentimental spot.