Bring the charm of the South into your home with a wood map of your favorite Southern location. There is nothing quite as refreshing as sipping on some sweet tea while reminiscing about South Carolina's shores, the beaches off the Gulf of Mexico, or lake life in Texas. Let a striking wood map help you commemorate your ideal destination to experience southern hospitality.


WoodChart maps are crafted with both aesthetics and accuracy in mind, using bathymetric charts etched in high-quality birch to accurately reflect the depths of bodies of water and laser etching to highlight local landmarks. As you gaze upon an aerial view of the Georgia coast or Hilton Head, you will notice details, patterns, and unique characteristics you might not otherwise see. Display your wood map with pride as you point out the spots that bring back fond memories.


Choose from a variety of wood maps, including standard framed wood charts, wood clocks, serving trays, and cribbage boards. Southern states on the East Coast can benefit from tide clocks, which predict when high tide is coming in, low tide is going out, and everything in between. No matter which wood map you choose, you’ll always remember the down-home goodness you’ve experienced in the South.