The spirit of Iowa is alive and well in our collection of highly detailed Iowa wood maps. The entire state is an idyllic vacation destination, boasting many outdoor activities you can enjoy alone or as a family that will keep you coming back year after year. Remember the great times traveling the landscapes from shoreline to shoreline with high-quality maps of Iowa lakes etched in birch.

Display your love for Iowa with lake art that reflects the best of its waterways and topography. Intricately etched in exquisite detail, these wood maps reflect the precise depths of the water and variations on land that you’ve traveled. Haven’t visited Iowa yet? These maps provide a virtual roadmap, outlining every point of interest, body of water, and roadway you can travel to experience the beauty of the state.

Our lake art is created by cutting high-quality birch wood to accurately depict the shape of the state, reflecting precise measurements of depth to create visual dimension on land and water. Known for quality and precision, our wood maps are an instant conversation starter. Collect all the maps of Iowa lakes to start a collection of high-quality wood charts and gift each 3D map to an avid Hawkeye.