If you thought of Nevada as an unremarkable desert, our State of Nevada maps will give you a new perspective! There is a mysterious beauty to the dry terrain, and with a close examination of a Nevada wood chart, you can find a variety of topographical surprises. Among the natural wonders that call Nevada home, Lake Tahoe is a stunning example of beauty and nature brought to life by a wood chart. 

Explore the surface of an intricately etched Nevada map to find topography and bathymetry like no other. Typically considered a dry state, a quick look at the lake art will reveal the crystal–blue Lake Tahoe and the surrounding lush pine forest. In beauty and visual refreshment, Lake Tahoe does not disappoint. Examine the exquisite detail of the depths of the lake, hand-stained blue-green for visual separation from the surrounding land. 

Each point of interest, roadway, and waterway is engraved into high-quality birch, recreating this breathtaking area in Nevada as a statement piece for any room. At home or the office, our state of Nevada maps inspire conversation and future travel. Add these Nevada maps to your lake art collection and give to a friend for a nautical gift they will enjoy year after year.