New York Maps

There is more to the great state of New York than New York City! From the five boroughs to the Finger Lakes to the West Long Island Sound, New York offers some of the most compelling landscapes in the country. The lakes offer stunning getaway locations, and the shorelines bordering the bays offer adventure, beauty, and plenty of New Yorker attitude. 

These maps visually explore the depths of each body of water in intricate detail with laser-cut pieces of high-quality birch expertly matching the shorelines of the waterways. The highways cross the state, with each road etched into the surface, connecting to points of interest that make each map as unique as New York State itself. The waterways on each wood map are hand-stained to accentuate the depths and shallows, creating visual separation from the land with colors matching the water.

Let a New York wood map make a statement in your home or office. Each piece of lake art is custom framed and ready to hang, bringing instant interest to any room. For yourself or a wood chart enthusiast, our New York wood maps are an elegant addition to any nautical collection and bring smiles for years to come.