Tide Clock

Thinking about the best time to go on vacation? Every time you look at our beautiful wood Tide Clocks and hear the steady ticking of tides gone by, you will be inspired to plan your next adventure to the coast. And when your travel plans include a trip to the shore, capture the journey with an exquisitely etched Tide Clock and remember your time near the water for years to come.

Each Tide Clock is made of high-quality birch and features the depths and shallows of the shorelines in laser-cut detail. The hand-stained wood provides a visual separation of land and water, highlighting the points of interest and most popular landmarks of each location while tracking high, falling, low, and rising tides. You can set these stunning East Coast Tide Clocks to match the tides with a quick internet search or set it monthly by the full or new moon.

From the shores of Martha’s Vineyard to the coastal community of Savannah, Georgia, our Tide Clocks offer a detailed view of roadways and waterways while tracking the tides along the East Coast. The laser-etched contours and landmarks fuel your memories of family vacations and inspire thoughts of future travel to the beautiful shores of the East Coast. Our Tide Clocks arrive ready to hang, making them a thoughtful gift for any occasion and a meaningful addition to any wood chart collection.