Take an adventure to the state of Alaska and explore more than 3 million lakes! The topography of this scenic state includes mountains, volcanoes, fjords, and more tidal shorelines than you can dream of. The diversity of The Last Frontier is reflected in our high-quality birch, expertly etched to accentuate the details of the natural beauty.

Surprisingly, Alaska has almost 7,000 miles of shoreline and warm temperatures, so visitors can enjoy every one. Explore the depths of the waters off the western coast with a glance at these nautical wood charts. Let your eyes wander inland, and you’ll find intricately etched topography that includes expansive forests, parks, and wildlife refuges. Enhance your personal collection of lake art or gift an impressive 3D wood map to your closest Alaska enthusiast.

Scan the intricately etched roadways and recall points of interest clearly identified on each map. You can visually explore the depths of the water and identify each island from the names etched into the 3D wood map. Each work of art comes framed and ready to hang, providing a visual experience you can’t get anywhere else. These wood charts bring the natural beauty of Alaska into your home or office and inspire exploration of the longest shoreline in the country.