Discover the stunning West Coast on one of our detailed Oregon coast maps. As intricate as they are elegant, these wood maps recreate the spectacular topography and bathymetry of the western coast in high-quality birch. Trace the roadways around Portland to discover the end of the Oregon Trail and explore the bathymetry of Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States, in laser-etched detail.

Each map of the Oregon west coast brings the highways and points of interest to life, engraved in exquisite detail into the surface of the wood map. You’ll see the depths of each body of water, laser-cut in layers of high-quality birch to create dimension and labeled by name and water depth. The land is separated visually from the water by hand-stained color, highlighting the natural beauty of the area and enhancing the depths of the water. 

Our wood charts are created to bring nautical flair to the home or office. Custom framed and ready to hang, each West Coast Oregon map provides a unique perspective of rugged land and shoreline that appeals to everyone. Bring home these meticulous maps of the Oregon coast and add the spectacular beauty of the west to your lake art collection.