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We make beautiful Wood Charts! Buying direct lets us ship extremely fast!

How do we make it? Starting with a bathymetric chart (the underwater equivalent of a topographic map), we use laser-cutters to carve the contours into sheets of Baltic birch and glue them together to create a powerful visual depth. We hand stain select layers a blue-green so it's easy to discern land from water, etch major byways into the land, then frame the whole thing in a custom, solid wood frame and protect it with a sheet of durable, ultra-transparent acrylic.

 With pieces based on the scenic Pacific Northwest's volcanic coastline, the warm sandy shores of the Southwest and Southeast, the history-rich coastline of the Atlantic, and lakes from all around the continent, we're betting that you'll find one that hits home with you. If you don't, please let us know. We're working diligently to add more charts and we'd love to know what else you'd like to see.

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Please Note: We are unable to do custom work! 

NOTICE: Our charts are NOT for navigational use!

"Arrgh...I see a rocky future for anyone who seriously needed this notice." -Pirate Pete