Bring the best US East Coast Maps to your home with the intricate designs of our East Coast Map collection. From the southernmost tip of Florida to the deepest waters in the northeast, our 3D wood maps of the East Coast detail the topography and bathymetry of the storied coastline and bring beautiful lake art into every room in your home. Whether you add a wood wall clock to the kitchen or a cork map to your desktop, each Eastern Coastal Map will bring visions of vacations past and great times with family and friends.


Follow the coast from the Florida Keys, along the Outer Banks, and over the Chesapeake Bay for a visual adventure with East Coast 3D wood maps. Explore the surface of the high-quality birch wood map and recall all your favorite stops along the coastline, each on full display in the intricate etchings of these US East Coast Maps.


Each East Coast Map is detailed with points of interest and roadways, etched with laser-cut precision, and provides the exact details that spark your memories and increase your enthusiasm to return to each location. Commemorate your favorite trips with a 3D wood map etched into a cribbage board, wall art, wood wall clock, or cork map to experience the exquisite detail of a quality wood map. Our wood maps are the perfect gift for friends and family who love to travel and inspire your next trip to a bucket list destination.