Wisconsin Maps

It’s easy to fall in love with lake maps of Wisconsin! You might be surprised to learn that America’s Dairyland is home to some of the most visually stunning landscapes in the country. The topography offers a variety of vistas and shorelines, all expertly etched in these high-quality maps of Wisconsin lakes. The Badger State is known for its beautiful blend of practicality and breathtaking views, all captured in these intricate wood maps, creating an idyllic background for hometown pride and memorable vacations alike.

The topography of the state, from picturesque lake towns to abundant outdoor spaces, is perfectly reflected in the intricate etchings of our lake maps of Wisconsin. From roadways to points of interest and the depths and shallows of waterways, each detail is engraved into the map’s surface, telling a memorable story of the state. The hand-stained accents and laser-cut shorelines create an elegant lake map of Wisconsin you simply can’t ignore.

Each of these maps of Wisconsin lakes expertly captures the points of interest and waterways that dot the landscape. Start your wood map collection with Wisconsin, or add unique nautical décor from the Dairyland to your lake art collection. Bring any of these lake maps to your home or office and gift them to share the beauty of Wisconsin.