Kentucky Maps

Reimagine your old Kentucky home with the elegant 3D designs of our Kentucky Lake Maps. Inspired by the waterways of the Bluegrass State, each Kentucky Lake Map features the topography of the surrounding land and details the bathymetry of Lake Cumberland.

All the stunning detail adds up to an amazing addition to your lake art collection and inspiration to travelers everywhere. You will want to add Kentucky lake maps to your own collection or gift a new obsession of high-quality wood maps detailing all of your favorite places and most memorable adventures.

The roadways and points of interest in Kentucky Lake Maps are etched in intricate detail, bringing to life the moments you spent wandering the countryside or providing suggestions for a future trip. The shorelines and water depths are seen through laser-cut and layered pieces of Baltic birch, creating the dimensions seen on each 3D wood map. Add a Kentucky Lake Map to your wood art collection, or start an obsession with intricate and beautifully detailed wood maps.