When your travels take you to the northeastern coast of the United States, New Hampshire does not disappoint. With magical sights and endless ocean views, wood maps of New Hampshire capture the beauty in expertly etched high-quality birch, inspiring your journeys for years to come. With Maine to the north, the New Hampshire coast boasts beaches and a shoreline leading to the Mother of Rivers made famous by the poet Robert Frost.

Our 3D wood maps detail the topography and bathymetry of New Hampshire’s land and waterways, laser-cut and layered to create visual depth and dimension. The land is etched with roadways and points of interest for detail that keeps you coming back to explore time and again. An instant conversation starter, this wood chart offers an elegant view of New Hampshire with a unique perspective.

Each wood chart comes with a custom wood frame and is ready to hang. For home or office, wood maps of New Hampshire capture the depths and shallows of the coast and add dimension to any lake art collection. Explore the detail of each highway and byway across New Hampshire etched into high-quality birch. Celebrate this beautiful state and bring home a nautical New Hampshire wood chart for your collection.