Let Georgia be forever on your mind with high-quality Georgia 3D maps intricately etched in high-quality birch wood. The visual effect of the hand-stained wood and detailed topography combine to recreate the story of the southern state in elegant wood maps you will want to add to your collection. Lose yourself in a Georgia coastal map, exploring the miles of shoreline and natural barrier islands that dot the waters. 

Each wood map is accurately shaped in birch wood and etched with points of interest, roadways, and other details to create an instant conversation piece. The Georgia 3D wood maps feature coastal areas and cities that reveal the sweet charm and hospitality of the South in intricately etched detail. Follow the roadways from the city to the waterfront, letting your eyes wander the paths that are clearly identified on each wood map.

Our Georgia 3D maps are a welcome addition to any collection of lake art for home or office. Each wood chart comes ready to frame in a custom frame, bringing Southern charm to any room in an instant. Let the beauty of the Peach State remind you of your favorite adventures in the South or inspire travel to the coastal state.