Indiana Maps

Indiana is known for many things, including its love of basketball and miles of flat farmland that is worked year-round. The topography of the land is revealed in our 3D Indiana maps, with the details etched in laser-cut precision, inspirational in their simplicity. The spectacular landscape is captured in high-quality birch, enhancing the wonder and awe of the natural beauty.


Explore the waterways and lakes of Indiana on a wood map that clearly defines the highs of the land and the depths of lakes in etched birch. The hand-stained Indiana lake maps reveal the depths of each body of water, revealing the secrets of the deep waters alongside the flat topography of the land that stretches along their shores. Forever a part of the Great Lakes, each 3D Indiana map visually connects Lake Michigan to the Hoosier State.


The farmland belies the vast stores of limestone found in the state of Indiana. The limestone mined from Indiana helped build the Pentagon and the Empire State Building, among other historic structures. Look closely at the nautical wood maps, and you will see the precious 45 miles of shoreline along Lake Michigan. Bring home the surprising beauty and hidden treasure of this great state in one of our 3D Indiana maps.