Pennsylvania Maps

Explore these wood charts of Pennsylvania and dive into the State of Independence. Follow the highways and byways across the state, discovering points of interest and finding your way to the shores of great lakes and historic rivers. Each wood chart recreates the perfect vacation, from times past or future travels, with intricately labeled roads, waterways, and landmarks as old as our country.

Follow the roadways through Philadelphia and follow the shoreline of the Delaware River, flowing through the heart of the city and separating the city from New Jersey. Trace the shoreline of Lake Erie, intricately etched into layered high-quality birch, recording the depths that increase as your eyes move to the middle of the lake. Our wood maps reveal the topography of this beautiful land, creating visual separation from the waterways with hand-stained color. Lose yourself in the laser-cut details that unfold in great precision, revealing more about the land and water each time you explore the surface of the detailed wood chart. 

Display your love for Pennsylvania or gift this topographical lake art to someone who appreciates nautical design. For home or office, each wood map brings elegance and visual interest that is sure to start conversations for years to come. Make a statement in any space with wood charts featuring the state of Pennsylvania.