Texas Maps

Texas – it’s like a whole other country! Lose yourself in the landscape as you wander from the Gulf of Mexico to the Hill Country, exploring a 3D Texas map and encountering the lakes along the way. You will be pleasantly surprised at how these wood maps bring back fond memories of your travels through the Lone Star State.


Texas lake maps are a fascinating study in man-made and naturally occurring bodies of water that populate the Texas landscape. Each 3D Texas map is intricately etched in high-quality birch, revealing the depths of the lakes and the exacting edges of each shoreline. From the gradual deepening of the waters into the Gulf of Mexico to the depth of Lake Ray Hubbard, ideal for fishing and family activities, our wood maps tell the secrets of each Texas waterway.


Follow the roadways and explore points of interest, discovering major landmarks that are etched into the surface of each wood map. Each lake map of Texas is sure to inspire further travel and more exploration of the topography and bathymetry that fuels loyalty to the great state. Our 3D Texas maps are the perfect housewarming gift, wedding present, or addition to any lake art collection, boasting etched surfaces, layered with acrylic, and finished with a custom wood frame.