Hawaii Maps

Just a glimpse at these nautical maps of the Hawaiian Islands will have you saying Aloha! The stunning topography of the land is captured in exquisitely etched birch, giving depth and balance to the natural beauty of the islands. When you follow the laser-cut roadways, you discover landmarks and points of interest etched in great detail, providing a unique perspective of the volcanic islands. 

These Hawaiian maps feature each of the main islands, expertly cut with the surrounding depth of the water etched into the high-quality birch. Hand-stained to visually separate water from land, the points of interest and roadways are also engraved into the wood, creating a 3D appearance that gets a conversation started with family and friends. Make a statement with maps of the Hawaiian Islands that reflect its diverse beauty in exquisitely etched wood charts.

More than spectacular sunsets, stunning beaches, and world-renowned surfing, Hawaii is a historic wonder and cultural Mecca. Commemorate your trip or inspire travel with a piece of nautical art featuring the Hawaiian Islands. Explore each isle and the waters that surround them every day by bringing home one of our 3D wood maps—the perfect addition to any office or personal space.