Serving Trays

Embrace a design that is the perfect mix of beauty and function with our 3D map wood serving trays. Each wood serving tray features the same attention to detail as our maps, including laser-cut topography, high-quality birch, and hand-stained water accents. From afternoon tea service to a coffee table centerpiece, these wood serving trays have details that keep travel stories and future adventures top of mind and at the forefront of conversation.


Find the perfect wood serving tray that honors your favorite memories. Whether it depicts the place you met your significant other, your go-to vacation destination from childhood, or somewhere you can’t wait to visit, you’ll always have a piece of your beloved locale with you. The details in the laser-cut surface of the birch bring back every memory of your favorite destination, expertly reflected in the face of the wood serving tray.


Instead of multiple layers on this nautical wood map, the land is slightly raised above the water, and then the surrounding topography is etched into the wood serving tray’s surface. Landmarks and points of interest are added along with an acrylic glass top to protect the design for years to come. Show off your love of destinations worldwide or just around the corner with the perfect gift for a friend, family member – or yourself! – with our beautiful 3D carved wood serving trays.