Los Angeles to San Diego, California Serving Tray 20" X 13"
Los Angeles to San Diego, California Serving Tray 20" X 13"

Los Angeles to San Diego, California Serving Tray 20" X 13"

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The natural beauty of the Southern California coast makes it a must-see on every traveler’s vacation bucket list. The landscape between Los Angeles and San Diego includes white sand beaches, incredible watersports, and quaint coastal towns full of charm. Whether you’re looking to head off on a family vacation or a solo road trip, you can’t ignore what Southern California has to offer. 

The stretch of coastline between Los Angeles and San Diego is known for some of the most famous beach towns in the United States. Pacific Beach, Carlsbad, and Dana Point are lesser known but their gorgeous beaches, walking trails, and picture-perfect sunsets can’t be missed. Just off the coast, you’ll find San Clemente Island, owned and operated by the United States Navy as part of Naval Base Coronado, and Santa Catalina Island, the closest thing you’ll get to feeling like you’re in the Bahamas without leaving California.

Our Los Angeles to San Diego Serving Tray provides a piece of home décor that is both fun and functional. Each tray begins with a hand-stained piece of high-quality birch, engraved with the precise ocean topography and water depths of the region. An artist laser-cuts the second piece of birch into the exact shape of the shoreline, expertly placing it on top of the tray’s surface to create a dimensional look that stands out. The tray is fitted with a custom-sized wood frame and acrylic glass layer for protection and durability. 

Serve up memories of Southern California with our nautical Los Angeles to San Diego Serving Tray. 

Points of Interest on California Coast Map:
Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Oceanside, Carlsbad, La Jolla, Santa Monica Bay, Gulf of Santa Catalina, and Santa Catalina Island

California Coast Wood Map Details:

  • Made of high-quality birch
  • Single-layer depth
  • Engraved names and locations
  • Acrylic glass protection