Boston Harbor serving tray made with green and white natural wood on white background with black serving frame
Boston Harbor serving tray made with green and white natural wood on black background with black serving frame

Boston Harbor Serving Tray 20" X 13"

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Boston, Massachusetts, is known for its incredible waterfront, vibrant skyline, and rich history. With days spent enjoying duck boat tours, walks through Harvard Yard, and the city’s famous lobster rolls melting into romantic sunsets along the Boston Harbor boardwalk, it’s easy to make incredible memories here.

The city is also home to Boston Harbor, a natural harbor and estuary of Massachusetts Bay. The harbor is home to dozens of small islands and encompasses nearly fifty square miles with 180 miles of shoreline.

Our Boston Harbor Serving Tray captures the beauty of the waterfront and surrounding landscape while also providing a functional serving tray. Artists utilize a bathymetric map to design the map outline, and then laser-cut the design into a piece of Baltic birch wood. The area representing the harbor itself is stained with a vibrant blue-green color that stands out against the natural birch. Although the wood map doesn’t have the same physical depth as other pieces, the engraved topography and etched landmarks, points of interest, and main thoroughfares give the tray an eye-catching look. The nautical wood map serving tray is finished with an ultra-transparent acrylic glass top for protection and durability.

Place this tray on any table to bring back memories of the incredible shoreline of Boston Harbor.

Boston Harbor Wood Map Details:

  • Made of High-Quality birch wood
  • Single-layer depth
  • Engraved names and locations
  • Acrylic glass protection