Hawaiian Islands serving tray made using green and natural colored wood on white background with dark frame
Hawaiian Islands serving tray made using green and natural colored wood on black background with dark frame

Hawaiian Islands Serving Tray, 20" x 13"

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When you’re dreaming of a relaxing beach vacation, a week of adventurous watersports, or a filling exploration of delicious island cuisine, you can’t do better than a visit to the Hawaiian Islands. This secluded paradise features everything from waterfalls and beaches to volcanos and occasional snow showers, giving it the variety that will keep you coming back for years. 

Hawai’i, also known as the Aloha State, was settled by the Polynesian people more than 1,000 years ago. Its 137 volcanic islands stretch roughly 1,500 miles, and it is the only state in the tropics and the only one made up entirely of islands. 

Our Hawaiian Islands Serving Tray helps show off your love of these beautiful islands in functional style. The bottom of the 3D wood map serving tray is hand-stained high-quality birch that has been expertly engraved with the water’s depth indicators, points of interest, and shorelines of Hawai’i. A secondary layer sits slightly above the face of the tray and shows off the precise outlines of each island in natural Baltic birch, and then a layer of clear acrylic protects the nautical wood map.

Show off the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands with this beautiful wood chart.

Points of Interest: 
Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hilo, Mauna Kea, Kilauea, and Mauna Loa

 Hawai’i Wood Map Details:

  • Made of high-quality birch
  • Single-layer depth
  • Engraved names and locations
  • Acrylic glass protection

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