Wood Serving Tray with Laser Etched Map of Nantucket
Map of Nantucket on Wood Serving Tray

Nantucket Serving Tray, 20" x 13"

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It is easy to imagine a breezy day, enjoying tea service and a good book under an umbrella by the sea. Imagine the Nantucket of the 1920s, when men and women strolled along the beach arm in arm, looking out over the water and imagining what the future would hold. This beautiful historic town has harbored wealth, beauty, and one of the largest whaling fleets of all time.

The island of Nantucket has been home to many famous people, including authors, and artists, and one fictional airport on the hit TV series, Wings. Inspired by the sea, artists have visited Nantucket and memorialized her unique story in works of art. 

The Nantucket Serving Tray is created with a single-depth layer of high-quality Birch. The hand-stained water is visually stunning and separated with color contrast from the landscape with points of interest etched into the wood. The nautical serving tray is completed with a solid wood frame and covered with protective acrylic.

When the fog rolls in, curl up with your book, a Nantucket Serving Tray of tea and cookies, and memories of your summer in Nantucket.

Points of Interest on a Nantucket Serving Tray:
Tuckernuck Island, Muskeget, Nantucket Harbor, Folger Hill, Milestone Road, Polpis Harbor, Tom Nevers Pond

Nautical Nantucket Serving Tray Details:

  • Made of high-quality Birch
  • Single-layer Depth
  • Names and Locations Engraved
  • Acrylic Glass Protection