Narragansett Bay Map Laser Cut Wood Serving Tray
Wood Narragansett Bay Map Serving Tray

Narragansett Bay Serving Tray, 20" x 13"

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Serve your guests on the Narragansett Bay Serving Tray and you will be serving up more than just tea and cookies! Delight your guests with the mid-day treats and regale them with stories of your summer in Narragansett Bay. Offer the Rhode Island favorite, coffee milk, and convince your friends you are a native of The Gansett!

It’s always more fun with food! Use your functional and elegant Narragansett Bay serving tray to offer sweets and savory treats. Your small-town beach vibe will have your guests relaxing in no time. The story of Narragansett Bay is much like our own – we all start a little simple and then evolve into a thriving, vibrant force to be reckoned with! 

The Narragansett Bay serving tray is made from a single-depth layer of high-quality Birch. The points of interest are etched into the wood, creating a roadmap of memories from your time on the Bay. The depths of the water are hand-stained to visually separate the water from the land topography. The wood chart tray is then protected with acrylic glass.

Serve up a summer of sophisticated memories on your Narragansett Bay serving tray!

Points of Interest on a Narragansett Bay Serving Tray Include:
Aquidneck Island, Conanicut Island, Prudence Island, Greenwich Bay, Providence River, Bristol, Fall River, Little Compton, and Newport

Narragansett Bay Serving Tray Details:
  • Made from high-quality Birch
  • Single-layer Depth
  • Names and Locations Engraved
  • Acrylic Glass Protection