Best Sellers

Start a collection or add to your gallery wall of nautical art with one of our Best-Selling wood charts. From majestic inland escapes to popular international destinations, our most popular 3D wood maps provide a visual escape to the bucket list locations everyone craves. Each wood chart provides intricate details in topography and bathymetry that can’t help but inspire travel and adventure for years to come.

Explore Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America, on our best-selling wood map featuring the stunning depths of this majestic oasis and detailing the surrounding topography. Ireland, Kennebunkport, Maine, and the Salish Sea are popular destinations brought to life in high-quality birch, precisely cut and laser engraved with landmarks, points of interest, and roadways to spark conversation with all who explore the wood map’s surface. Let your mind uncover the beauty of each of these locations with our elegant wood charts.

Each map begins with laser-cut pieces of high-quality birch, which are layered and precisely cut to replicate the land and waterways of each popular location. The water is hand-stained to add depth and dimension with depths etched into the wood. Add a nautical vibe to your home or office and gift our wood charts to share the beauty of these Best-Selling destinations.