The area that encompasses the Great Lakes is a diverse landscape at the northernmost points of the United States and reaching further north into Canada and spreading wide to the borders of New York to the east. There’s something to be said about this awe-inspiring collection of lakes, rivers, and estuaries that represent a way of life more than a geographical region. All the details that make the Great Lakes special are captured and intricately etched into high-quality birch, creating 3D lake maps to be treasured for generations.


Summers around the Great Lakes are an American dream. Filled with adventures on the lake, spending time in the sun, and bonfires that leave you smelling like a delicious s’more, these lakes are not just part of life – they are life itself. Whether you’re daydreaming about a romantic getaway weekend, a girls’ trip, or spending time with family, you’ll always find memories to be made around the Great Lakes - memories that can be captured on the surface of lake maps and revisited often.


Our 3D nautical wood maps showcase dozens of beautiful communities around the Great Lakes, including Green Bay, Chicago, and Traverse City. An artist uses thin pieces of birch to laser-cut each section of the map, layering them together to form the dimensional look of the finished 3D wood lakes. The lake art’s water is hand-stained, and points of interest and important landmarks are etched into the lake map’s surface. Whether you are a Midwesterner at heart or love to travel the country, you’ll find the must-have Great Lakes 3D wood maps to create your very own nautical home décor in our Great Lakes Collection.