Map Nantucket Cork Laser Cut Wood Chart
Nantucket Island Massachusetts Cork Map
Nantucket Cork Map Details

Nantucket Cork Map, 8" x 10"

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Come to Nantucket for the history and fresh seafood, but stay for the festivals and foggy weather! The Grey Lady hovers in the harbor off the Massachusetts shore, often covered in fog like a blanket that rolls in from the sea. Dip your toes in the water and leave your footprints in the sand along this island’s 110 miles of pristine beaches. The beauty of the island can be enjoyed on foot or by bicycle, just follow any path to see beautiful seaside homes, scrub forests, and endless views of the Atlantic.

Take a step back in time as you watch the Lynx glide into the Nantucket Harbor, sails rippling in the wind. This glimpse of maritime history will take you back to the time when Nantucket reigned as the whaling capital of the world. Fish tales told in captains’ houses and at the local brewery remind locals and visitors alike of the prominence Nantucket enjoyed as one of the wealthiest communities in America. 

The Nantucket cork wood map is made with high-quality high-quality birch. The details of the island are laser-cut with precision and the water depths are etched into the cork. Points of interest are etched into the surface of both the cork and birch. The stunning wood chart stands beautifully on its own, making it the perfect nautical décor for your mantle, desk, or sofa table. 

Keep your Nantucket cork map on your office desk and revisit the beauty of the island day after day in your mind.

Points of Interest on a Nantucket Cork Wood Map Include:
Tuckernuck Island, Muskeget, Nantucket Harbor, Folger Hill, Milestone Road, Polpis Harbor, Tom Nevers Pond