Map of Scandinavia 3-D Nautical Wood Chart in Dark Frame
Map of Scandinavia 3-D Nautical Wood Chart
Topography Details on Map of Scandinavia 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Scandinavia 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large, 24.5" x 31"

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The Nordic countries of Scandinavia are known for more than just their incredible beauty. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland are widely known for their stunning beaches, deep fjords, and off-the-charts life satisfaction. With a strong economy, plentiful natural resources, fantastic government support, and amazing healthcare, Scandinavia consistently earns the top spot on the United Nation’s list of the happiest countries in the world.

Scandinavia will move to the top of your travel list with the mention of just one phenomenon – the Northern Lights. This spectacular light display is seen most intensely in Iceland and Northern Scandinavia from late April to mid-August. Pro-tip – travel between late September and late March and enjoy maximum chances to see Aurora Borealis because it gets dark at 6 p.m.

The Scandinavia 3d nautical wood map is constructed with high-quality Birch. Each detail is laser-cut in wood and hand-glued together to create seamless topography and bathymetry of the seas and gulfs surrounding the Nordic countries. Points of interest are clearly etched in the wood, providing a visual roadmap of popular cities and landmarks. The wood map is completed with a solid wood frame and protected by acrylic glass.  Your Scandinavian 3D wood chart arrives ready to hang.

Bring home the awe-inspiring beauty of Scandinavia’s mountains, fjords, and pristine lakes with this 3D nautical wood chart.

 Points of Interest on the Scandinavia 3D Nautical Wood Chart Include:
Baltic Sea, Barents Sea, Copenhagen, Gulf of Bothnia, Gulf of Finland, Helsinki, Norwegian Sea, Oslo, and Stockholm

Scandinavia 3D Wood Map Details:

  • Crafted with high-quality Birch
  • Details of Depth are Laser-cut
  • Names and Locations Engraved
  • Protected with Acrylic Glass
  • Arrives Ready to Hang

Frame Styles:

  • Classic, Dark Brown Frame, Greenish-Blue Water Color
  • Rustic Grey Frame, Greyish-Blue Water Color