Stylish Lake Décor for Your Home

As you think about decorating a room in your home, you might feel a slight strain between a magazine-worthy display and sentimentality. Candid photos and handmade art may not fit your picture-perfect décor, but lake art is an opportunity to bring something special to you into a classic design.

Why Lake Décor?

Lake of the Ozarks Wood Map

Decorating with a lake-inspired design scheme is a popular style choice. The possibilities are endless, as lake décor can fit into almost any motif, ensuring your love of lake art resonates with the rest of your home.

Lake art is a great design choice for either a primary residence or a vacation house on the lake. Imagine setting up a gallery wall of your favorite lake — whether you are miles away or next to the water — including maps, photographs, artifacts, and mementos that remind you of fond moments with friends and family.

Your lake art can be as obvious or subtle as you would like. A shelf with a wood chart and a jar of sand could be a gentle nod to your favorite vacation spot, or a whole room could be bathed in lake art with cork maps, rope details, and boating artifacts. It all depends on your personal style and how you want to highlight an important lake in your life.

Decorating With Lake Maps

Lake Tahoe Map Wood Serving Tray

Maps are an easy way to incorporate lake art into your décor. With a wood chart of your favorite lake, you can bring a sentimental touch to your classic decorating scheme. Decorating with maps is a great way to have a work of art that feels personal without having a commission-piece price tag.

Wood maps, in particular, are beautiful pieces of art that pay a special tribute to the lake you love. A great deal of care is taken when making a 3d wood map of different styles, including cork maps, clocks, and wall maps. The artists consider several things when putting together wood maps:

  • Bathymetric charts showing the depths of the lake
  • Important landmarks to note on the map
  • Careful staining to differentiate the land and water 

Maps bring an air of sophistication to any room, and a carefully constructed wood chart with immense detail and expert craftsmanship will elevate any décor with a refined and personalized look.

3 Popular Kinds of Lake Art 

It’s beautiful when your chosen lake art seamlessly integrates into your home décor. There are several options when finding the right wood map for your home. You can showcase a bold wood chart on the wall or a few understated cork maps on a bookshelf.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the correct map for your home:

  • Space
  • Price
  • Material

Find the right spot for your lake art, then decide how big or small your piece needs to be. If you want something to sit on a desk or shelf, consider a lighter material, such as cork maps. No matter what you choose, you can remember good times on the water when you look at your lake art.

1. Wood Chart

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota Wood Map

A classic wood chart on display will be the pride of any room in your home. You can find a wood chart in almost any size, making this an easy way to display a map in any space.

An eye-catching lake, such as Lake Minnetonka, creates a striking wood chart that displays well on its own or surrounded by photos and souvenirs from trips to the shore. If you are decorating your lake house, consider a wood chart next to the window so friends and family can visualize an aerial view while they gaze out on the water.

Each wood chart is made of high-quality birch with a solid wood frame and acrylic glass protection. They arrive ready to hang, so you can finish decorating as soon as your map is delivered.

2. Cork Maps

Walloon Lake Cork Map

When looking for something different than a traditional wall-hanging wood chart, look no further than fun and unique cork maps. These small yet striking maps are perfect for a desk, counter, or shelf when working to incorporate more lake décor.

Cork maps are the perfect accent to existing interior design. You could add a cork map of Walloon Lake — the childhood home of Ernest Hemmingway — next to a copy of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” on your bookshelf for a historical nod to the author.

We have our favorite cork maps, but find one of your own special spots for a meaningful piece of décor for your home. Cork maps also make great gifts and would be a wonderful way to thank your friends for spending a vacation together on the lake or honor your family’s annual gathering spot with a map for each guest.

3. Wall Clocks

Great Lakes Clock

It is a joy to be reminded of a treasured vacation spot whenever you check the time. A wall clock showcasing the map of a beloved lake is a classy way to display your love of the water. The craftsmanship is especially present in this lake art, with the mechanics and readability of the clock in equal importance to the accuracy and artistry of the map.

An artist starts with high-quality birch and adds the details of the lake with a laser cutter. The water portion of the map is recessed one layer below the land, ensuring this lake art is 3D without becoming too bulky. The water portion is also stained to create a beautiful contrast that will catch the eye.

Like cork maps, wall clocks can easily integrate into your overall design scheme as either a subtle nod or as part of a larger homage to a special place. Our Great Lakes wall clock, for example, would be a perfect stand-alone map of the region, or it would merge well into a display with individual maps of all the Great Lakes.

You won’t regret incorporating the map of a cherished lake into your home décor. Whether you choose a wood chart, cork maps, wall clocks, or a mixture of the three, you will be thankful for the impeccable artistry while remembering good times at the lake.

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