Finding Your Perfect Cribbage Board

Once you have decided to learn the fun and exciting game of cribbage, it is time to pick the right cribbage board for your taste and style. With a centuries-old game, it is amazing how the rules have stayed the same, yet there are many variations to the board itself. By exploring each game board element, you will find wood cribbage boards to fit any player’s needs.

The Basics of a Cribbage Board

Great Lakes Cribbage Board

Cribbage is a unique game involving both a deck of cards and a board. The board, used to keep score during gameplay, makes cribbage different than most card games. When learning how to play cribbage, it is essential to master the use of wood cribbage boards to accurately keep score.

While there are various wood cribbage boards on the market, they should all have a few basic features. Cribbage boards should have the following:

  • The track with “game holes”
  • Pegs
  • Storage compartment

Even with these mainstays of wood cribbage boards, there are plenty of different boards to choose from. By exploring the vast selection of cribbage boards, you will be able to find one that looks beautiful in your home while giving you the best bedrock for your favorite card game.

Why Decorative Wood Cribbage Boards?

Cribbage boards do not have to be simple or boring. In fact, many people use cribbage boards to express themselves or decorate when not playing the game. Decorative cribbage boards can be works of art in addition to helpful scorekeepers.

It is easy to find a cribbage board that fits your personality. From bright and colorful to classic and beautiful, there is an option for everyone. Some of the best cribbage boards should not be kept away in a game cabinet but instead can be displayed on a coffee table or hung on the wall when not in use.

Some of our favorite wood cribbage boards feature intricate maps of special locations. With so many options, finding a board that shows off a sentimental spot is easy.

Lake Art Cribbage Boards

Lake Charlevoix Cribbage Board

Wood cribbage boards depicting special destinations are popular ways to decorate and play as a tribute to your favorite spot. Whether you spent your summers on Lake Charlevoix or plan to decorate your lake house at one of the Great Lakes, wood cribbage boards are the perfect way to bring lake art into your gameplay.

With the intricate details of your lake of choice etched into the board, your cribbage game turns into a discovery quest of your favorite lake. Point out must-see spots on the map and talk about memories on the water. If you are lucky, your conversation might distract your opponent enough to give you the upper hand.

When you are done playing, your cribbage board can be displayed as a continued tribute to a special basin. Consider hanging it with other mementos and photos in a collage of lake-life memorabilia. This would be perfect for decorating a lake house or displaying it in your office or home as a reminder of happy times on the water.

Portable Cribbage Boards

Many cribbage players enjoy traveling with their cribbage boards. It is not uncommon to find cribbage players all over the world bringing their boards to parks and coffee shops. In fact, cribbage is a popular game in pubs in the United Kingdom, and a portable board makes gameplay much more accessible.

As you get more involved in the cribbage gameplay, you may look into tournaments to prove your skill. A portable cribbage board will allow you to travel with your board, giving you the maximum amount of practice time while you’re on your way to a tournament.

Portable cribbage boards must be reasonably sized with well-made pegs and storage to keep everything together. Fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice style for portability when looking at high-quality wood cribbage boards.

How Many Holes and Tracks Should a Cribbage Board Have?

Boston Harbor Cribbage Board

When choosing a cribbage board style, you will have several options for scorekeeping. Most cribbage boards are made with either 60-hole tracks or continuous 120-hole tracks. In general, most players prefer the longer tracks. With the shorter tracks, players must double back in order to reach the 121 points to win. Additionally, shorter tracks lose the ability to have a skunk line on them.

Aside from the length of the tracks, you will also have options for how many tracks are on your board. Many boards come with just two tracks, limiting you to either two players or two teams. Three-track wood cribbage boards give you the flexibility to have an extra player, allowing you to play with two, three, or four people.

Cribbage Boards of Different Materials

As with most things, you have many options for cribbage boards in various materials and qualities. Most cribbage boards are made of either wood or plastic, although most players gravitate toward wood cribbage boards since they are usually better quality.

In addition to the board itself, players must consider the material of the pegs included with the cribbage board. Many boards include plastic pegs, but they often do not fit well and are noticeably low-quality pieces.

A better option would be metal pegs that have been appropriately sized for your specific board. Having the correct pegs made of the right material will ensure your scorekeeping stays easy and honest, even if the board is jostled in the heat of the game.

The Benefits of Wood Cribbage Boards

United Kingdom Cribbage Board

With all the options, wood cribbage boards with high-quality metal pegs make for the best gameplay. With included storage, continuous tracks, and portability, a wood cribbage board will be your first step to becoming an avid cribbage player.

Popular types of wood used to make these high-quality boards include:

  • Birch
  • Mahogany
  • Cherry

Not only are they well-suited for the game, but they can be beautiful works of art. Consider showing off the United Kingdom, the birthplace of cribbage, while you play your new favorite card game.

As you weigh each board’s pros and cons, you will find wood cribbage boards are the best way to set yourself up for success in the game. Find a board that doubles as a display-worthy map, and you will have a piece that will bring you joy whether you are playing or not.

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