Decorating with Cork Maps

It’s time to decorate, and you want to add something of sentimental value that doesn’t look cheesy or cheap. When you think about your family’s precious moments on the water — whether at a treasured lake or on a favorite beach along the coast — it is easy to see why a cork map of a special location might be the perfect addition to your decoration plans.

What Are Cork Maps?

Great Lakes Cork Map

Cork maps are a stylish yet unobtrusive map style that fit into almost any space. They consist of a sustainable cork base that’s topped with a layer of laser-etched birch wood depicts your favorite shoreline or lake. Then, details of the land and water are etched into the material, providing an intricate ornament for your space. 

Why Decorate with Cork Maps?

When it’s time to decorate your personal space, you can express your style and passions. Your décor can be highly personal in both fashion and content. Maps of interesting or sentimental locations can be the perfect building blocks for your aesthetic, and cork maps are small, neutral, and beautiful additions to any space.

Maps provide an interactive and fascinating element to your décor scheme. Whether you are decorating a lake house, sprucing up a specific corner of your home, or adding a personal touch to your office, small maps made of cork provide an easy yet beautiful enhancement to your space.

With a map of your favorite lake or an important destination, you add nostalgia and personality to your décor. This provides something pretty to look at while bringing back memories.

What Makes Cork Maps Unique?

Los Angeles to San Diego, California Cork Map

With various map styles to choose from, cork maps provide flexibility and a unique look while giving you the same artistry used to make other beautiful wood charts. With a wall clock or traditional wood map, you are confined to a space on the wall. Maps made of cork, on the other hand, can be placed almost anywhere with a similar visual effect.

These maps are more casual than typical wood charts, but that does not mean they are any less intricate. Each of our maps starts with accurate bathymetric charts that show the depths of lakes, rivers, and oceans. These details, along with important landmarks and roadways, are laser-etched into the map materials. 

3 Cork Map Distinctions:

  • Size
  • Sustainable materials
  • Neutral look

Low Profile Size

San Francisco Bay Cork Map

Our cork maps are smaller than other map options, making them ideal for adding little personal touches in different spaces. Their 8” x 10” size makes them perfect for decorating any area with a fitting piece of art that still catches the eye.

Display a special map in your office to brighten your workspace. A San Francisco Bay cork map will bring casual elegance to your Bay Area workplace, while a map of your favorite vacation destination will motivate you to work toward your next getaway. Incorporating your map isn’t hard because of its classy yet compact look. 

Eco-Friendly Material

Décor can be beautiful without harming the environment for materials. Look no further than a cork map for an environmentally safe decoration. Cork maps are made of sustainable elements:

  • Cork base
  • High-quality birch

Cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees. This substance is renewable, anti-bacterial, and biodegradable, making it the perfect option for an eco-friendly decoration. Showing off your favorite vacation spot with a Lake Tahoe map can be done in a way that respects the nature you love to visit.

Neutral Color Palette

Lake Tahoe Cork Map

Many wood charts are accented with blue stain showcasing the water portion of the map. Cork maps, on the other hand, are neutral in color, so they can fit seamlessly into many aesthetics. These maps are striking in a more understated way, allowing the laser-etched details to shine on their own.

A neutral map is helpful when displaying it alongside other decorations. When styling a bookshelf, for example, it is helpful to have a mix of items that work together for a cohesive display. A less colorful cork design will work alongside bolder pieces, within a vintage aesthetic, or as a part of an overall neutral case.

How to Choose the Perfect Cork Chart

Finding the right map is easy because this is a decoration you can get personal with. If you have a special destination on the water where you like to vacation or there is a sentimental spot you want to look at often, find the corresponding map and proudly showcase it in your space.

As with anything you display in your home, you want to choose a map constructed with high-quality craftsmanship. Ensure the details are accurate and legible so that you can have confidence your map will stay pristine for years to come.

While everyone has their favorite cork maps (even us!) it is important to find your own meaningful map. No one else has your memories, and the right decorations can help you think about happy times on the lake or near the ocean. 

Where to Display Your Cork Maps

Wood maps work well in home décor because of their size and natural look. The smaller maps made of cork fit well into many spaces and existing design schemes. You can confidently fit one of these maps into any number of places, including:

  • Bookcases
  • Desks
  • Counters
  • End tables
Hawaii (The Big Island) Cork Map

Think about where you want to display your map and make sure your current décor’s space and arrangement would be well served by a cork map. Is there a spot for a standout wood chart, and would it obstruct any other decorations? If it fits the color scheme, style, and overall theme of the area, a piece of cork décor can enhance your home or office.

Consider pairing your map with souvenirs and pictures from that location to create a cohesive display. When matched with a cork map, seashells on the bookcase or a framed photo on the desk create an exhibit of memories. Your map can be the anchor for a beautiful commemoration of a family vacation spot or a memorable trip.

Cork maps are easy, low-impact decorations that allow you to add a nautically themed display to any space. Find the perfect location in your home to showcase a sentimental body of water so you can reminisce in style whenever you want.

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