Stunning Ways to Work Wood Maps into Your Home Décor

There are many great reasons to incorporate wood maps into your home décor. As you travel and experience the beauty of the world, you naturally want to bring a reflection of those destinations into your home space to remind you of your adventures. Whether your travels took you to the shores of Italy or you ventured to the UP of Michigan, your experiences are best captured in a timeless and classy wood map.

Understanding “why” we want wood maps in our home is simple. Exactly “how” we incorporate these lakes of wood into our existing style is another question altogether. No need to completely redecorate. With a few simple suggestions, wood maps of any size and shape will naturally elevate the look of your home while evoking memories of your previous trips and inspiring future travel plans.

Where Can You Incorporate Wood Maps in Your Décor?

Italy 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

In a word – anywhere. A high-quality wood map enhances the décor of any space simply by existing. When your guests enter your home and see a large, framed wood map of Italy hanging in your foyer, they will immediately know that Italy is important to you. As they examine the detail and delight in the precision of the depths and shallows of the waters surrounding “The Boot,” they will be inspired by your apparent love for the country. They might even be motivated to learn more about Italy.

Prominence in your home and the apparent quality of the piece of art will fan the flame of desire to travel for you and your guests. Whether you feature your lake of wood in an area frequently seen by guests or in a private space, these maps will elevate the décor and immediately raise your spirits with just a glance. This impression can be made by featuring wood maps in other areas of your home, including: 

Feature Areas to Add a Wood Map to Your Décor

  • hallway
  • library, study, or den
  • game room
  • main living room
  • dining room

Which Wood Map is Best for Each Room?

Hawaii (The Big Island) Cork Map

A quality purveyor of wood maps will offer various options in size and design, all equally stunning and detailed. In your guest room, you may want to use a serving tray featuring the Great Lakes as a conversation starter. Place a small vase of fresh flowers on the tray, and you have a beautiful and stylish welcome that is sure to delight your guests and inspire conversation throughout their visit.

When working in your office, what better way exists to remind you of travels yet to come than with a cork map on your desk? It is small enough to keep your workspace functional but large enough to make a striking impression on any visitor to your workspace. Keep your travel goals front and center with a cork wood map of a destination you aspire to visit or spark memories with one of a destination you already visited. Either way, it is inspirational!

Wood Maps on the Walls

Hawaii (The Big Island) Clock

Lakes of wood are offered in a variety of sizes. One hallmark of a quality wood map is the framing. A well-made lake of wood gives the effect of the water running off the edge of the map as it wraps around the framing. With precision cuts, anyone who studies the bathymetry (underwater topography) of the map will be enthralled with the powerful visual depth beneath the ultra-transparent acrylic.

Do you have several favorite destinations? Display these wood maps in varying sizes as an art installment on a large wall in the living room. Did you visit the islands of Hawaii on your honeymoon? You can hang a framed wood map of the islands on the wall above your bed, next to a picture or two of you and your spouse on that trip.

There are several options in size and style when considering which wood map is right for your space, including:

Other Wood Maps That Enhance Your Décor

What Effect Will a Wood Map Have on My Décor?

Great Lakes Serving Tray

Adding wood maps to your décor is like adding goals to your vision board or collecting ultra-stylish souvenirs from the roads already traveled. Elevating your home décor style with lakes of wood is built-in encouragement to tap into your feelings of wanderlust, share them with friends and family who visit your home, and inspire all who delight in their classic details.

The presence of these wood maps will create animated conversations about travel experiences, travel goals, and personal growth from travel. Your guests will leave your home invigorated by the educational and aspirational conversations that took place, which is so much more energizing than another poker night or evening spent talking about the frustrations of our jobs.

Communicate How Open You Are to the Experiences of Others

We travel for so many reasons. We travel to broaden our minds and our world view. We enjoy new experiences, new people, and new perspectives. An essential part of this enjoyment is the ability to include the beauty and art of our wanderings into our everyday life. Wood maps create a stunning and chic expression of our love for travel and our openness to share our experiences and hear about the adventures of others.

Our home décor communicates a great deal about who we are and how open we are with others. By displaying your love for travel, you invite conversation with your guests and an opportunity to express your interest in their experiences. Imagine the warm, inclusive feeling you evoke in your home when you share the beauty of your wood maps with those who consider themselves kindred traveling spirits and also those who have only dreamt of travel.

The wood maps you display in your home décor tell all who enter you are generous in sharing your opportunities to travel. You generously give of your own experience. You welcome the experiences of others, and you share the beauty of the destinations you treasure through the wood maps you thoughtfully arrange in your home for all to enjoy.

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