Decorate Your Space with A Special Wood Wall Clock

Every home needs a clock, but why settle for a strictly utilitarian timepiece when you can have a work of art? Technology and art merge in these timeless mechanisms, ensuring you can find a clock in pretty much any shape, size, or style.

With wood map wall clocks, you can look at the time and be reminded of the time of your life. Each clock features a detailed map of a specific location, bringing to mind your favorite vacation or a bucket-list trip you are planning.

Why Wood Map Wall Clocks?

Boston Harbor Tide Clock

Just like full-sized wood maps, WoodChart 3D wood wall clocks feature precise bathymetric details and stunning topography to create functional works of art. Artists etch the landscape’s fine points into a piece of high-quality birch wood, and the land portion is affixed to another layer with the water’s details. Each map includes details both above and below the seas and lakes.

These timepieces create a beautiful focal point in any room. Hang your clock in a common area where people can read the time and enjoy the details highlighted around your favorite nautical location. Consider incorporating it into a display dedicated to a memorable trip, your hometown, or your home away from home.

5 Standout Wood Wall Clocks

It is hard to pick a favorite WoodChart clock. Each timepiece can be a unique memento or gift, depending on a person’s history. Find a wood wall clock that reminds you of a special time or your favorite place so it can be a meaningful work of art in your home. While each clock design is important to different people, here are five standout wood wall clocks that we love:

1. Boston Harbor Wall Clocks

Boston Harbor Wood Map Clock

Make sure you’re on time for the tea party with one of the striking wood wall clocks of the Boston Harbor. Both the 12-inch Boston Harbor clock and the 16.5-inch Boston Harbor tide clock would make beautiful additions to the home or office of any historian, traveler, or Bostonian.

Boston Harbor sits on Massachusetts Bay and acts as a natural harbor and estuary. Within the harbor, 34 islands comprise the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area, a national park with historic landmarks, hiking, and rich biodiversity.

Wall clocks of the Boston Harbor show off the recognizable shoreline as well as the surrounding islands. Explore the depths of Massachusetts Bay and the roads of Beantown on these gorgeous timepieces. 

2. Wood Wall Clocks of the Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico Clock

Beach lovers flock to the Gulf of Mexico year after year. This impressive body of water is home to thousands of wildlife species and is a popular tourist destination for travelers aiming to sit on the sand and bask in the sun.

The Gulf is surrounded by Mexico, the United States, and Cuba. The beaches along this body of water are popular tourist destinations in the United States around Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. It is the largest gulf in the world and the tenth-largest body of water on Earth.

Wall clocks of the Gulf of Mexico will remind you of the warmth and joy of a previous vacation and encourage you as you look forward to your next trip to the beach. 

3. Hawaii Wall Clocks

Hawaiian Islands Map Wood Clock

It’s island time! Even though life in Hawaii is sometimes less punctual than on the mainland, it’s worth having one of the stunning Hawaii wall clocks to check the time. Wood maps of Hawaii include all eight primary islands:

  • Hawaii
  • Kaho’olawe
  • Kaua’i
  • Lana’i
  • Maui
  • Moloka’i
  • Ni’ihau
  • O’ahu

Get a clock with all eight main islands, or pick from a few of your favorite islands to highlight, such as the Big Island, Maui, or Oahu. Check the time while you explore the island’s landmarks on the map.

No matter where you call home, you can always be on island time when you have one of the wood wall clocks reminding you of the Aloha State.

4. Martha’s Vineyard Timepieces

Martha's Vineyard Map Clock

Nothing says “dignified” quite like a gorgeous clock of a posh summer getaway. Wood wall clocks of Martha’s Vineyard are the perfect addition to a home office or a vacation home in The Vineyard.

Whether the 12-inch clock or the 16.5-inch tide clock, your timepiece will surely catch the eye of anyone who enters the room. Each map identifies key points of interest you will want to remember, like Edgartown, Katama Bay, and Long Point Wildlife Refuge.

5. The Great Lakes Wood Clocks

Wood Map of the Great Lakes Clock

What could be greater than a clock of the Great Lakes? A vacation destination for many in the Midwest, the Great Lakes are worth celebrating. The region includes:

  • Lake Michigan
  • Lake Superior
  • Lake Huron
  • Lake Erie
  • Lake Ontario

The lakes comprise the largest freshwater system in the world and are an incredible fishing destination for many travelers. Many fun facts might draw you to the Great Lakes, and any lake vacation should be remembered with a timeless memento like one of the wall clocks of the lakes.

Check Out Quartz Tide Wall Clocks for an Extra-Special Feature

Hilton Head Tide Clock

Are you interested in the ebb and flow of the tide at your favorite beach? A quartz tide wall clock might be the perfect timepiece for you. In addition to the beautiful etchings and bathymetric details of a traditional wood clock, a tide clock also predicts the tides throughout the day.

A lunar day is 24 hours and 50 minutes, with two high tides every lunar day. Because of these two facts, tide wall clocks rotate every 12 hours and 25 minutes. You can set your tide-predicting timepiece with an internet search for high tide in your area or set it at the full or new moon. Then, you will always know where the tide is with a quick glance at your stunning clock.

These wood wall clocks are best suited for areas of more predictable tides in the Eastern United States. Tides on the U.S. West Coast and the Gulf of Mexico are more unpredictable, and a quartz tide clock would not stay accurate.

With the right timepiece, checking the time can momentarily transport to an unforgettable trip or a sentimental spot. Wood wall clocks are the perfect addition to any room where memories are shared.

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