Decorating Your Space with Lakes of Wood

Maps are a popular design accent in many décor schemes, and wood maps of your favorite lake will surely draw the eye. These lakes of wood floating across your wall or displayed on your desk are reminders of a treasured spot where you can sit back and soak in the beauty nature has to offer.

There is lake art for all styles and geographical locations, and everyone will love your choice when you decorate with lakes of wood.

Decorating Your Lake House

Lake Winnipesaukee Map Clock

When you head to your lake house for a relaxing weekend or a summertime vacation, you don’t want to feel like you are in a stoic, bare shell of a house. Decorating your lake place with your own personal flair can help you achieve a home away from home feeling in your secondary residence.

Topographic art is one way to enhance your lake house décor with pieces that are on theme but not cheesy. Lakes of wood on your walls mimic the actual lake outside, giving your interior a cozy nod to the reason you love that spot. Surround your wood maps with local memorabilia and photos of your family and friends for a homey feel.

Nautically inspired décor is a popular design trend, and bringing in some elements like stripes and ropes, along with your 3D lake art, will keep your lake house classically decorated. You can be as subtle or bold with it as you would like as long as you can relax and feel at home every time you visit.

Commemorating Your Favorite Lake at Home

Of course, lakes of wood are not just for decorating at the lake. Bring your love of lake art home to remind you of your favorite lake on a regular basis. There are wood maps of all sizes, so you can have a large map as the focal point of a room or smaller, more subtle nods throughout the house.

Not only do wood charts come in different sizes, but they come in different forms as well. Consider putting a wall clock or cork map in your home office to remind you of relaxing mornings on the water, or use a serving tray with 3D lake art in the kitchen. You can easily have lakes of wood in every room of the house.

When you have guests over, you can share stories and fun facts about the lake you love. There is no better way to have a classic piece of art that means so much to your family than to hang high-quality topographic art depicting your favorite lake.

How to Display These 5 Beautiful Types of Lakes of Wood

Lake Huron 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Wood charts are the perfect blend of precise mapmaking and artistry. These lakes of wood are made with care and accuracy to ensure you have a quality piece in your home. No matter what form your map comes in, you can be confident in its meticulous details and high level of craftsmanship.

The process starts with bathymetric charts that show the depth of the lake. From here, artists use exact laser cutters to carve out the lake’s depth in layers of birch wood. They use wood stain to showcase the water and etch important landmarks and details into the wood.

Wood maps are beautiful representations of the lakes you love. Decorating with 3D lake art is easy because of its elegance and sentimental value. There are lakes of wood for every area in your home, office, or home away from home.

1. Wood Charts

Lakes of wood can make beautiful wall art for any room in your home. From smaller wood charts to larger statement pieces, each map is made with care and will look stunning in your home.

There are several things to consider when looking at lakes of wood. Figure out where in your home you want to hang your wood maps and measure the space so you purchase the correct size map. Then, decide how you want your map displayed.

There are a few ways to think about setting up your lake map:

  • On its own as a focal point
  • Surrounded by personal photographs of your time on the lake
  • In a gallery of multiple maps of the same geographic area

You can make this area of your home as personalized or classic-looking as you want. Your personal aesthetic will be able to shine through, and with the help of lake art, you will have a personal attachment to your display.

2. Cork Maps

Walloon Lake Cork Map

For less conspicuous lakes of wood, consider displaying a cork map on a desk, shelf, or bookcase. These smaller wood maps are just as beautiful as their larger wall-hanging counterparts, but they take up less space and are considerably lighter.

Cork is a popular, affordable, and environmentally friendly material, making it an excellent base for 3D lake art. These cork maps include all the details of other wood maps, but they are etched into a thin layer of birch wood over a cork base.

Whether you are decorating your home, lake house, or office, cork maps are great nods to your favorite lake. These cork pieces also make great gifts since they are small and less expensive than a wall wood map. Commemorate a special family trip or honor a shared memory with a cork map gift.

3. Fire & Birch

Lake Charlevoix "Fire & Birch" Series

Our Fire & Birch series is another beautiful way to display lakes of wood. These wood maps feature a single layer of half-inch thick birch wood engraved with the details and topography our customers have come to love and respect from our lake art.

These works of art are made with high-quality birch wood to prevent warping. Choose from either antique glass or sea-glass paint to symbolize the water in the Fire & Birch series. These engraved wood maps will last for years to come, giving you a piece of art to treasure.

The Lake Charlevoix Fire & Birch wood map is a beautiful example of how striking these maps can be. Add one of these maps to your home for a conversation piece that will give you a chance to share your precious memories from your time on the shore. 

4. Wall Clocks

Great Lakes Clock

Imagine being reminded of good times at the lake whenever you check the time. With wall clocks featuring lakes of wood, you catch glimpses of your personal paradise throughout the day. Each clock is constructed to be readable yet beautiful, not forsaking the details of the wood charts.

A wall clock is a necessary accessory in every home, so it makes sense to have decorative wall clocks that bring joy to your life. Not only are they useful, but wall clocks add beauty and versatility to your space.

Clocks featuring 3D lake art bring natural warmth to your rooms with the wood face and deep stain of the water, unlike more industrial-looking clocks. This helps you stay connected to nature as you think about lake days. 

5. Serving Trays

Map of Lake Erie Serving Tray

When you think about serving drinks at your lake house, do you consider how you will deliver your beverages to friends and family? A lake art serving tray is the perfect solution for serving your guests with a classy nod to your favorite lake.

Of course, there is more than one use for serving trays. With something as beautiful as a serving board featuring topographic art, you will want to display your tray as often as possible.

These boards can be used in many different applications, such as:

  • Decorative centerpiece
  • Charcuterie board
  • Storage for household items 

Whether you use your serving board at home or on the lake, you and your guests will appreciate the artistry displayed in the tray’s lakes of wood. Take time to point out your favorite spots on the lake as you serve your friends. 

Popular Lake Maps by Region

Where is your favorite lake? Whether you travel a long distance for your lake vacation or just down the road, it is worthwhile to spend time on the water when possible. If you don’t have a preferred lake destination, investigate some of the most popular lakes in America to see if any appeal to you.

There are beautiful lakes across the United States. Each region has its own gorgeous geography and, therefore, its own unique bodies of water. Take a virtual tour of the country by shopping for lakes of wood, and start to make travel plans to see the real thing.

Eastern States

Finger Lakes 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

The eastern states boast some of the most varied landscapes in the country. From beachfront properties along the coast to cozy lake views and everything in between, there is no shortage of beauty in the easternmost reaches of the US.

In upstate New York, for example, you can find the fantastic Finger Lakes. When it comes to lakes of wood, maps of the Finger Lakes are particularly interesting because of the shape of these lakes. It’s no wonder where they got their name — the 11 lakes look like skinny fingers stretching up and down the landscape.

Fans of the Finger Lakes can get wood maps of the whole region or just their favorite lake. This is just one of the stunning areas in the eastern US. 

Midwest and Great Lakes

Great Lakes 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

The lakes of the Midwest are unmatched. This is one area of the country where lakes are plentiful, and nothing beats beautiful lakes of wood to showcase the region’s natural beauty.

Of course, one of the most popular groups of lakes in the Midwest is the Great Lakes. These Great Lakes include:

  • Lake Michigan
  • Lake Superior
  • Lake Huron
  • Lake Erie
  • Lake Ontario

There’s a lot to learn about the Great Lakes, and having these facts on hand will let you share some trivia with your friends and family as you look at your lake art. Point out that Lake Michigan is the only one of the Great Lakes entirely in the US, and tell your guests that they are looking at a map of the largest freshwater system in the world. They will be sure to fall in love with the Great Lakes, just like you.

Western States

Lake Tahoe 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Many people think of beaches along the Pacific Ocean when they think of water play in the western states, but the area boasts some of the most beautiful lakes in the country. Only the best lake art can capture the essence of these bodies of water, and lakes of wood are some of the most elegant options when it comes to decorating.

Lake Tahoe is one example of a stunning lake in the western United States. The beautiful depths and stunning surroundings are displayed beautifully in a wood chart of the area.

Hang your map of Lake Tahoe and prepare yourself for questions about its gorgeous geography. Arm yourself with facts about Lake Tahoe, including how it was made and that it is 1,600 feet deep in some places. With a wood chart of the area, you’ll be able to point out these depths on the accurate map. 

Southern States

Grapevine Lake, Texas Wood Chart

There’s nothing like sipping sweet tea and enjoying Southern hospitality as you bask in the sun next to one of the many lakes in the South. Lakes of wood add charm and sophistication to any southern home, where life on the water is a way of life.

A wood map of Grapevine Lake in Texas, for example, would make a beautiful addition to the home of anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This lake is a popular vacation destination for people in the area, with hiking trails, camping, and more.

Find wood maps to decorate your home or lake house in the South. Usher in that charm by paying tribute to one of your favorite southern lakes, and you’ll be planning your next vacation soon enough.

Whether you check the time on your Great Lakes wall clock, serve beverages with a Lake Tahoe serving tray, or decorate with maps and memorabilia from the Finger Lakes, you won’t regret displaying your lakes of wood for all to see. Find your favorite lake and exhibit its wood maps with pride.

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