3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Shopping for a Wood Map

Whether searching for a meaningful gift for a loved one or looking for unique and stylish home décor, it can be hard to know where to start. Skip the generic wall art and turn your attention to wood maps. Beautiful, handcrafted, and the perfect mixture of science, art, and personal touch, wood maps have it all. 

When searching for a dependable and durable wood map, It's normal to have questions. Why are wood maps so popular? What materials make for a high-quality wood map? We'll help answer all these and more so you can find the best wood map for your home.

What is a Wood Map?

Block Island, Rhode Island 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

A wood map is a detailed 3D carving that depicts topographic views of different locations. Each layer is laser cut into high-quality wood to show different maps of islands, lakes, rivers, and more. Every elevation in the area is shown, from the tallest volcano to the lowest sea level, ultimately creating a stunning, complex depiction of your favorite destinations. 

Combining a love of art with the unique science of cartography, our artists spend hours planning each curve, line, and landmark shown. When it comes to wood maps, attention to detail is key. From wood wall art to versatile serving trays, a wood chart can be made into many beautiful products for your home. 

Why Are Wood Maps Popular?

Wood maps are one of the most sentimental kinds of art one could own. You and your family can commemorate important spots, whether you have a house on the Great Lakes or spend every summer in Lake Tahoe. A wood map reminds you of your travels and favorite vacation spots from the comfort of your home.

Not only do wood maps make for unique décor, but they work as a functional art pieces. From serving trays to fascinating cribbage boards, you can have wood maps of your special spots in different areas of your home. Hang a wood clock in your office or entertain loved ones with a meaningful serving tray—just because you need everyday items in your house doesn't mean they must be basic!

Gulf of Mexico Serving Tray

Wood maps make the perfect family heirloom. As you age, your beloved wood maps can be passed down from generation to generation. Every wood map is made with durability in mind, so whether it's a Gulf of Mexico Serving Tray or a map of where your parents got married, the meaning will be cherished by your loved ones for years to come. 

3 Questions to Consider When Choosing a Wood Map

The perfect wood map is designed to last you a lifetime, so it's important to research and make the right choice. There's so much to consider, from finding a meaningful location to determining the type of product you'd love.

As you browse wood maps, consider these 3 important questions to ensure you find the best product possible: 

  1. Location
  2. Materials
  3. Décor or functional art

1. How Do You Choose a Wood Map Location?

Wood Map Italy Clock

Whether you grew up clamming in Cape Cod or dream of traveling to Italy, choosing a meaningful location for your wood map is a must. Wood charts are unique pieces of art you can personalize by choosing locations near and dear to your heart. Think of your wood map as a special memento representing your hometown, favorite vacation spots, honeymoons, and more.

This valuable souvenir will stand the test of time and become your family's most treasured art piece. Skip the same-old home décor, consider what locations you cherish, and decorate your home with wood maps.

2. What Materials Are High-Quality Wood Maps Made Of?

When choosing a wood map, make sure it's made of durable, high-quality materials. Trustworthy wood maps will be made from sturdy wood that won't bend, break, or show wear and tear. Every single detail is etched into a wood map, from the tallest mountain peak to the important landmarks, and those shouldn't fade away. Quality wood maps are made from woods such as maple, walnut, and our personal favorite, birch. 

3. Can Wood Maps Be Functional Art?

Boston Harbor Cribbage Board

As you peruse different wood maps, you have to determine if you're looking for home décor to hang up or something more versatile. Functional art refers to beautiful objects created with art and practical uses in mind, such as a wood map! 

Our wood maps are often carved into many products, such as a Boston Harbor Cribbage Board. So, while the typical wall art will always make a stunning focal point on your gallery wall, there are other options to choose from if you want something that could be used all over the house. 

Our Functional Wood Map Products:

Whether you're looking to play a fun game featuring your favorite lake or need a meaningful serving tray for entertaining guests, we have plenty of options for wood maps on useable products:

How to Display Your Wood Map

Staten Island, New York 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

After you find the wood map product that serves you, how do you showcase it in your home for all to see? From hanging charts on the wall to choosing versatile pieces, there are endless ways to decorate with wood maps. 

Add your wood map wall art to your gallery wall to bring 3D depth to your art collection, or hang it on its own in any room of the house for a standalone piece. Set up your serving tray to corral items around your home, from perfume on your vanity to remote controls on the coffee table. Keep track of time with a wood map wall clock in the office and count down the seconds until you can reunite with your favorite destinations. Learn how to play cribbage and bring your sentimental board on every road trip. Your options are endless with stylish and meaningful wood map products!

Wood maps are a beautiful addition to any home, whether you're looking for unique pieces to add to your gallery wall or a traditional cribbage board to pass down from generation to generation. Each wood map is built to last. Choose personal locations for you and your family for an art piece you'll treasure for years. 

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