Choosing the Perfect Wood Chart

It can be challenging to find the perfect artwork for your home; big box stores carry some pieces, but they can be generic and impersonal. Wood charts are unique, personal displays of artisanship. They are beautiful creations that combine science and art, making them the perfect statement piece or wall hanging for your home!

With so many products to choose from, Wood Chart is the ideal place to procure a wood map or other types of wood art. Wood Chart makes finding the perfect wood creation that fits your style easier than ever.

How Are Wood Charts Made?

Chesapeake Bay 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Wood charts and wood maps are made using pretty incredible technology. Because they’re meant to display a real place, there is no room for error. Our wood pieces are made of Baltic birch, which is extremely durable and can withstand the creation process.

The grooves and indents that make up the details of the map are made using a laser. With the help of a computer and some mapping technology, the lasers slowly cut the map to scale. The indents are then painted or stained to represent the different depths pictured.

How Are Wood Maps Different From Ordinary Maps?

Since they are three-dimensional pieces, wood maps require a bit more attention to detail. Most wood chart products are made with measurements from a bathymetric map. Bathymetric maps are the opposite of topographical maps; instead of measuring the height of mountains and hills, they measure the depths of underwater structures.

Wood maps may seem more complicated, but they are pretty simple to understand. The deeper the cut into the wood, the deeper the structure in the water. Think of it as the reverse of a three-dimensional model of a volcano or mountain range! 

Why Should I Get a Wood Chart?

  • Conversation starters
  • Children love them
  • Commemorate a vacation
Great Lakes 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Wood maps make great conversation starters – Wood maps can be valuable pieces of educational artwork in your home. These works are an opportunity to start a conversation about many topics: map-making, different states and countries, your latest travels, or even history. For example, a Wood Map of the Great Lakes offers an opportunity to learn about the 35,000+ islands surrounding them.

Children love maps - A wood map on the wall introduces children to different places and art mediums. A wood chart statement piece in their childhood home will be something they remember forever, and it might even become a family heirloom!

Remember a favorite trip - Another reason to get a wood chart is to remember a meaningful place or vacation. A special memento representing a birthplace, college town, or honeymoon location is a valuable souvenir that will stand the test of time. Unlike a T-shirt from your travels, your wood chart won’t get a hole in it or become too small!

Top Wood Chart Products

Hawaiian Islands, Hawaii 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Our favorite products in the Wood Chart collection are the wide varieties of wood maps. Fortunately, there are dozens of locations represented by the wood maps available. Whether you’re a fan of the Chesapeake Bay or the Hawaiian Islands, you can find a wood map for any corner of the country.

In addition to wood maps, there are dozens of other wood chart products to choose from.

The 5 main types of wood chart products include:

  1. Cribbage Boards
  2. Cork Maps
  3. Wall Clocks
  4. Serving Trays
  5. Patent Art

Why Cribbage Boards?

Cribbage is a centuries-old game that is beloved by game enthusiasts around the world. Said to have been designed by soldiers in England, cribbage combines skill and luck to create an activity perfect for the whole family. Many decorative cribbage boards are available, so these beautiful pieces double as décor when it’s not family game night.

Budget-Friendly Cork Maps

Cape Cod Cork Map

Cork maps are similar to regular wood maps but have slight differences. Instead of being fully made of birch, they have a cork base with birch accents. This makes the piece lighter and a great option for budget-conscious consumers. Additionally, the cork is thick enough that the pieces stand on their own instead of requiring hanging, making them quite versatile!

Wood Map Wall Clocks

Talk about the intersection between fashion and function! Wall clocks are another variety of wood maps, but with the hardware installed that makes them fully functioning clocks. Wall clocks are a perfect gift for the world traveler or the person who has everything!

Functional Serving Trays

Available in a wide variety of sizes, serving trays are another option to give a wood map as a gift while still giving something functional. A wood map serving tray is a great way to add a bit of flair to your party’s charcuterie board or display on the coffee table! 

Unique Patent Art

Patent Art - Alcohol Still

Patent art, also known as patent charts, makes for extremely unique pieces of artwork. They can still be considered a map, just with a different subject. Patent art shows the creation of an invention, almost like a blueprint of a product. Patent charts are fabulous gifts for young creators and nostalgic inventors alike. 

Matching a Wood Chart to Your Home Décor

Wood charts make great gifts for others or yourself! When choosing a wood chart, be sure to do these three things before purchasing:

  • Assess your design goal
  • Compare color schemes
  • Measure your space

What’s Your Design Goal?

Ask yourself this: What am I trying to do with this piece? Assessing whether the piece is purely for beauty, education, or somewhere in between is an important factor in determining your purchase. If you’re giving a gift, what feelings do you hope to invoke in the recipient? Wood maps are great for inciting all sorts of nostalgia for past travels or important landmarks in one’s life. 

Coordinating Color Schemes

Monterey Bay Clock

Fortunately, wood maps are available in different colors, so pick one that complements the intended space! All pieces are hand painted and stained, giving you a different look each time. If you’re unsure about someone’s design tastes, there are plenty of wood maps available in neutral colors that everyone is sure to love.

Take Measurements

Last but not least, measure your walls and artwork! Wood charts come in all shapes and sizes. It’s worth measuring ahead of time to make sure everything fits perfectly.

Wood Chart is a unique retailer that supports local artists and honors the beauty of the natural lands they depict. Whether you’re looking for a special souvenir or the perfect birthday present, you’re sure to find something special.

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