Laser Cut Wood Alcohol Still Patent Art in Dark Frame
Laser Cut Wood Alcohol Still Patent Art

Patent Art - Alcohol Still

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The temperance movement was possibly the biggest event impacting the 1900s. In a call to reduce alcohol consumption, temperance activists urged people to drink more wine and beer and abstain from spirits. Supporters of the movement failed to understand that alcohol exists in equal parts, whether it is in beer, wine, or spirits.

Bring the champion of the temperance movement home with this etched art. It represents how temperance bullied its way into prohibition and distillation became popular. Equipment such as this 1880 alcohol detailed in High-quality Birch increased in popularity. Continuously perfected over the years, the alcohol still created opportunity throughout the world to keep spirits flowing, including gin, whisky, absinthe, and other “stimulating liquors” – composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters. State your position in the Noble Experiment by proudly displaying your patent art alcohol still and raising a glass to progress.

Patent Art Alcohol Still Details:

  • 16” x 20” Framed Wall Hanging
  • Details Laser-cut and Stained
  • Custom high-quality Birch Frame