Wood Charts: The Perfect Unique Gift

Every time you turn around, it seems like it’s time to buy yet another gift for someone. For all the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, having a unique gift idea in the back of your head will come in handy.

The problem, however, is that unique gifts are hard to come by. A simple internet search for “unique gifts” will uncover some wacky options that almost no one can use. Fortunately for unique gift-givers everywhere, Wood Chart has many options that will impress even the pickiest recipients. 

What Are Wood Charts?

Grand Cayman 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Wood charts are three-dimensional models carved from wood that provide valuable context and perspective on the place they depict. They can be made to show many different types of maps, like those of rivers, islands, or lakes. These maps make for beautiful displays that marry art and science.

Wood charts come in wide varieties, shapes, and sizes. Most are made with laser technology, ensuring the best accuracy and the highest amount of detail available.

Our 3 favorite products for unique gift-giving are:

  1. Wood Maps
  2. Cribbage Boards
  3. Wall Clocks

Wood Maps Make Excellent Gifts for Travelers

Wood Chart’s signature item is the wood map. With hundreds of varieties available in dozens of locations around the world, you are sure to find a unique gift that suits any personality.

A map is a unique gift in itself; people rarely think of something like a map for things other than learning. However, they can serve so many purposes! A wood map depicting a special place could be the perfect gift for someone who misses their home or has recently traveled somewhere special.

Cribbage Board Gifts for Families that Play Together

San Francisco Bay Cribbage Board

What better gift than one that brings people together? Board games are popular gifts because they are unique and functional. With cribbage, you get all that and a customizable piece of history.

Cribbage is a game that dates all the way back to the 17th century. It’s relatively simple, requiring the board, a deck of cards, and a pencil and paper. The game is fast-paced and is for two players, but those players can be of any age!

The cribbage boards from Wood Chart are unique gifts because they are pieces of artwork in addition to being game boards. Wood charts in dozens of locations are available as cribbage boards and are a great budget-friendly option! 

Functional Wall Clock Gifts

Decluttering is a huge trend as of late, and people all over are deciding what sparks joy and what needs to be discarded. With that in mind, it’s important to give unique gifts that serve a purpose.

Wall clocks are the easiest and most purposeful wood chart to gift! They are another budget-friendly option and are sure to add some flair to anyone’s home décor. Imagine the surprise on a friend’s face as they open a beautiful clock that reminds them of their favorite vacation spot and helps keep them on time!

Why Should I Give a Unique Gift?

San Francisco Bay, California 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Giving a loved one a unique gift is truly an opportunity to show someone how much you care. It’s convenient to give a gift card, an article of clothing, or a nice candle. However, those gifts don’t include that personal touch that makes giving gifts so special. Everyone deserves to feel loved, appreciated, and truly known.

Giving the perfect unique gift sends the message that you really thought about that person and what they like. Since wood charts come in so many different location options and décor varieties, it’s easy to find a piece that will warm anyone’s heart and inspire all sorts of nostalgic feelings and wanderlust.  

As if you need another reason, gifting a wood chart also supports a small business and local artists, which is imperative in today’s economy.

Why Should I Support Small Businesses?

In a post-pandemic world, small businesses need consumer support more than ever before. Small businesses directly support people instead of corporations. Shopping small ensures money is circulated within communities, creating more opportunities for all.

When you shop from small businesses like Wood Chart, you can rest easy knowing that your purchase helped put food on someone’s table or pay for a little one’s soccer team or a budding artist’s supplies.

Who Might Like a Wood Chart?

Cuba 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

While anyone could appreciate one of these masterpieces, three groups that would be especially interested are:

  • Young scientists
  • World travelers
  • Beach lovers

Wood Maps for Young Scientists

Giving educational gifts is a great way to spark curiosity in the minds of children. Maps are important for many reasons, like learning to navigate without a GPS, understanding the world around you, and learning about different cultures and environments.

A wood chart of any type would be great for the little learner in your life! Among all the noisy toys and video games they have, a wood chart gift is an opportunity to give them a new perspective. Unlike those other toys and games, a wood chart will last a lifetime, and the child will continue to gain a new appreciation for it over the years.

You might consider gifting the young scientist a wood chart of their own home state, like this San Francisco Bay Wood Chart for a young Californian. A map of their home is a great way to start a collection!

World Travelers Love Wood Charts

This one is a no-brainer! People who love to travel are always looking for fun, unique ways to commemorate their latest trip. Gifting a wood chart of their favorite adventure is a fabulous way to remind them of that special place. They will always have a map to look back on, which is also helpful for planning their next experience!

Some of our favorite wood charts for travelers depict an entire island or country, like this Cuba 3-D Nautical Wood Chart or this Grand Cayman 3-D Nautical Wood Chart.

Lake Maps for Beach Lovers

Gulf of Mexico Clock

We all know a special someone obsessed with all things nautical. Their homes are filled with catchy, beach-inspired signs that say cheesy things like, “All I need is some vitamin SEA!”

A map of their favorite beach or body of water is a perfect and unique gift. Large wall maps make beautiful statement pieces, bringing some nautical vibes inside a beach or lake house. This Gulf of Mexico Clock is a perfect example of a beachy, nautical gift. 

Choosing a Wood Chart Gift

When you sit down to finally choose a gift, there are a few other things to consider. What is your goal for giving this gift? What is this person’s role in your life, and how might this represent your relationship?

Once you think about those questions, consider more logistical topics, like their current color schemes and the wall/display space available in their home. Regardless of the recipient, wood charts make the most amazing unique gifts that people from any walk of life can appreciate.

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