Top 10 Fabulous Nautical Homemade Gift Ideas

There is something about a home with nautical décor. You immediately feel swept away. The air seems saltier but in all the good ways. Whether it is the wood maps that are elegantly displayed or the personal family photographs commemorating vacations on boats and time spent at the shore, the overall ambiance of a home with a nautical vibe has a charm like no other.

Myrtle Beach wood chart

If you have noticed that your friends decorate with a breezy beach theme or seaside glam, you may want to gift on-theme or even bring that nautical feel to your home. Starting with a foundation of a wood map or two, build on the theme with classic seashore décor.

Bringing the seashore to your door is as easy as rope and a glue gun! From there, bring in the elements of wood, glass, and shells.  These DIY gifts will have you debating whether to give them away or keep them for yourself. 

10 DIY Gifts with a Nautical Vibe

  1. Coiling Rope Rug
  2. Enhance a Frame with Rope
  3. Driftwood Candle Holder
  4. Coastal Coasters
  5. Sea Glass Jars
  6. Anchor Wood Pallet
  7. Name in Rope
  8. Rope Around a Mirror
  9. Shadow Box with Shells
  10. Step Stool with Nautical Stencil
Rope Rug

1. Coiling Rope Rug

For a nautical DIY gift that can vary in size, a jute rug offers a warm welcome in any size. With jute rope and a glue gun, you can coil a round mat for an entryway or a full-sized rug for the sunporch. A jute rug is a flexible DIY gift that works for a variety of purposes and can be customized for that perfect fit.

Different Rope Mat Sizes

  • Welcome Mat
  • Hallway Runner
  • Sunporch Square 

2. Enhance a Frame with Rope

Keep that glue gun handy! A simple wood frame can be enhanced with rope to achieve that breezy beach appeal. Use the wood along the edges or diagonal across the corners to give extra nautical detail. Include a family photo for a personalized touch to this DIY gift. 

3. Driftwood Candle Holder

Driftwood is like a magical gift from the sea. Weathered and worn from its journey in the sea, the wood is rough and real and oh-so-nautical. Use a small drill bit to create holes appropriate for your piece of wood and insert a stick candle. This DIY gift looks dreamy on a mantle or windowsill, reminiscent of the days when lights were left in windows to guide sailors home. 

cape cod cribbage board

4. Coastal Coasters for Any Room

Cork coasters are a great gift for any room. Whether you are in the library playing cribbage or on the front porch visiting with neighbors, a coaster for drinks comes in handy. Add an anchor or seashell stencil and your coasters fit right in with your maritime décor.

5. Sea Glass Jars

Did you notice your friend’s stunning sea glass collection or the sea glass jewelry she wears almost daily? You can bet she’s a fan of the pastel glass look.

Create a sea glass DIY gift of jars or any clear glass container by painting them with gloss frost paint. The paint gives the sea glass look and feel so convincingly, you’ll have to reassure them it truly is a DIY gift!

6. Stencil on a Wood Pallet

Bringing the breezy nautical look home is as simple as a seahorse on a piece of wood. A wood pallet or plank is the ideal surface for this DIY gift. After a scrub or two with sandpaper, paint onto the surface using a stencil. Wood décor pieces are so popular now, it will be hard to tell yours is hand-crafted!

Nautical Stencils

  • Mermaid
  • Anchor
  • Seashell
Italy wood chart

7. Name in Rope

The key to this DIY gift is that a name is written in script, allowing the unbroken piece of rope to make a nautical statement. The rope bends and curves to spell the name on a wooden pallet or directly on a wall, personalizing the DIY gift and keeping the theme on-point.

Take the name in rope in another direction, and draw out the name of the location on their favorite wood map. Spotlight their favorite Italy wood map with a jute rope accent to tie up the nautical theme. 

8. Rope Around a Mirror

Using rope to frame a mirror is a classic nautical touch. From decorative mirrors to full-sized pieces of sea art, mirrors reflect the beauty of the space and give porthole vibes when a small, round mirror is used. Jute rope has many uses in nautical-themed DIY gift-giving. It’s an easy and instantly effective addition to just about anything!

9. Shadow Box Shells

Whether they are collected on a series of trips to the shore of the Eastern Coast or gathered in the Hawaiian Islands, shells make a simple and stunning piece of art when encased in a shadow box.

Hawaii wood chart

Use a textured linen backdrop and affix the shells with hot glue, and you have created a personalized masterpiece. This DIY gift will bring the memories of days collecting the shells as well as thoughts of you, the consummate DIY gift maker!

10. Step Stool with Nautical Stencil

Functional and in-theme, a wooden step stool with an anchor or mermaid stenciled on its surface brings a smile each time it comes in handy. Whether you plan to keep this DIY gift or pass it on, the more beat-up the wooden step stool is, the better! The worn-in look is perfect for a nautical décor – it adds to that life-at-sea lifestyle.

These DIY gifts are straightforward and easy to make, but if you aren’t the DIY gift type, why not take a cue from the original décor that got you thinking nautically? Wood maps are the perfect addition to any home that exudes that breezy beach vibe. If they had a small wood map serving tray, why not gift a cork wood map that commemorates their visit to Ireland for their honeymoon or the Great Lakes where they vacation each year?

Great Lakes Serving Tray

Either way, they are lucky to have a friend like you! A DIY gift or high-quality wood map that recognizes their interests and gives a nod of appreciation to their home décor will be cherished for years to come! Whether you take the time to make the gift or order a wood map, the message is the same – you value this person and the joy they bring to your life.

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