5 Great Uses for a Decorative Tray

Imagine your perfect party or get-together, buzzing with the excitement of your friends and family. Everyone is enjoying snacks, drinks, and games with one another, grateful for the ability to slow down and catch up in our busy world.

As any great host knows, are a few things that take a party from ordinary to extraordinary, and a decorative tray can help you elevate your gathering. A large serving tray will add style, convenience, and fun to your home, and a decorative tray from Wood Chart is just the thing to keep the conversation going.

Why Do I Need a Serving Tray?

Hawaiian Islands Serving Tray Wood Map

We think everyone needs a decorative tray because it can serve as anything from artwork to storage to a charcuterie board, all while being a beautiful, functional conversation piece. A large serving tray offers unmatched convenience and efficiency, whether you’re just trying to organize your things or you are hosting a dinner party. A large serving tray allows you to transport multiple items at once, saving you time and energy. Most of all, a decorative tray keeps you involved in the party instead of running back and forth to the kitchen constantly.

Serving trays also add a touch of fun and style to their surroundings. Your favorite wood map can come to life on a large decorative tray, transporting you back to your favorite vacation. Whether you choose to use your serving tray for visual purposes only or it becomes your new sidekick for entertaining, it will enhance your home in more ways than one. 

Serving Tray for Decoration

Santa Barbara Channel Islands Serving Tray

We love using a large serving tray for decoration! Not only do these decorative trays help you show off your favorite maps and vacation destinations with their high-quality wood charts, but they can serve as the base for tons of different décor ideas in your home.

A great way to use a decorative tray is to hang it in your kitchen as wall art. Since it’s a serving tray, it still gives a kitchen feel and fits perfectly with other cooking décor. It also serves as a beautiful piece of wall art featuring intricate carvings and maps that are sure to start conversations with all your dinner guests.

Finally, we love using a large serving tray as a base for centerpieces, flower arrangements, and other decorative uses throughout your home. Try placing some greenery around the edges of your decorative tray and add a small, short arrangement of flowers in the middle. A centerpiece like that is a showstopper and can be used for anything from simple home décor to statement centerpieces for a wedding or event.

Using a Large Serving Tray for Games

New Orleans Serving Tray Wood Map

Functionality is key, and using a decorative tray throughout your home has tons of different uses. Serving trays are great for keeping small pieces of games contained and keeping items organized while your family enjoys a classic game night. Whether you’re stacking poker chips in the middle of the table or trying to keep all your cribbage pieces organized, a large serving tray is a great addition to the festivities.

A decorative tray is also great for playing games in the car. If your family is embarking on a long road trip, try bringing your favorite serving tray along to help restore order to a chaotic car. It can keep card and travel games organized and ready for play, and it can also keep all your road trip essentials within reach. No more hunting for your phone charger or wondering where you stuck your favorite snacks – it’s all right there with a large serving tray in use.

Serving Trays Make Great Charcuterie Boards

Do you want to wow your friends and family when it’s your turn to host dinner? Try using your decorative tray as a charcuterie board. It’s easy to assemble, fun to eat, and is a showstopper.

Try combining a few of your favorite snacks, like:

  • Meats
  • Cheese
  • Dried fruits
  • Crackers
  • Dips and spreads

Everyone will be delighted by an array of goodies, and the best surprise is yet to come. As your guests snack away, they will slowly reveal your beautiful wood map. Once your charcuterie is finished, your serving tray becomes a conversation piece and a work of art! The party will keep going as you share your favorite travel destinations and best memories.

Portable Bar Serving Tray

Nantucket Serving Tray

Bring the party anywhere you’d like with a serving tray bar cart! Transforming a decorative tray into a portable bar cart is a brilliant way to add style, functionality, and versatility to your entertaining endeavors. A large serving tray is best for this because it allows for ample space. Stocking your bar cart is easy – strategically place your favorite libations, glassware, and bar tools on the tray to have everything at the ready.

To enhance your serving tray bar cart even more, consider adding a small ice bucket to chill beverages. With this extra newfound purpose for your large serving tray, you can bring your favorite cocktails along to the pool, outdoors for a bonfire, or just to a cozy night in with friends.

Large Serving Trays are Great for Storage

A decorative tray can serve your household in many ways, giving you space for extra organization and order throughout your home. It is much more than just a piece of artwork. A decorative tray can be a catch-all for things like:

  • Television remotes
  • Game controllers
  • House and car keys
  • Placemats and silverware
  • Office supplies 

For those areas that seem to get cluttered quicker than you’d like, try sticking a large serving tray to keep all the knick-knacks and essentials contained. We love a decorative tray on an entryway table for you and your guests to place keys, and we also think a serving tray is great for keeping all your remotes and game controllers handy on your coffee table.

Wood Chart Serving Trays

Lake Michigan Serving Tray

Wood Chart provides the best of the best when it comes to quality wood maps, serving trays, and more. We source only the highest-quality birch to handcraft each of our items, ensuring they will last you a lifetime, even with constant use. Our local artisans that create these laser-etched masterpieces are well-versed in wood carving, painting, and even cartography to churn out the most elegant, enticing wood serving trays available.

Whether you’re taking a trip down memory lane to reminisce on your honeymoon to Hawaii or you’re taking in the beauty of the Great Lakes, Wood Chart has just the decorative tray for you and tons of great wood map gift options.

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