Santa Barbara/Channel Islands Map Wood Serving Tray
Map of Santa Barbara/Channel Islands Serving Tray

Santa Barbara/Channel Islands Serving Tray 20" X 13"

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Serve up a special meal at your campsite using your Santa Barbara Channel Islands 3D wood map serving tray. This small act of civilization may be the most you experience in a day on these remarkable uninhabited islands. The mystery and unspoiled beauty of the islands is best seen from the laid-back perspective of a camper enjoying the wilds of nature. 

As seen in the details of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands nautical serving tray, the islands are surrounded by channels and basins that tell its story of rising from the ocean millions of years ago. The names and locations of the points of interest are etched into the high-quality Birch and the wood chart clearly identifies the topography and bathymetry of each body of water. Laser-cut detail creates a fascinating point of view to be enjoyed time and again as you use your nautical wood map serving tray to honor the solitude of the islands with tea service for one.

Points of Interest on a Santa Barbara Channel Islands Wood Map Serving Tray:
Santa Barbara, Channel Islands National Park, Santa Ynez, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa Island, Catalina, Santa Monica Bay, Ventura, Simi Valley, and Las Padres National Forest

Santa Barbara Channel Islands Nautical Serving Tray Details:

  • Made of high-quality Birch
  • Single-layer Depth
  • Engraved Names and Locations
  • Acrylic Glass Protection