Wood Serving Trays: The Ultimate Functional Wood Chart

There are few pieces of home décor that are as stunning and functional in an understated way as a wood serving tray. Unassuming and versatile, a wood serving tray can make a statement all by itself, like a Lake Tahoe Serving Tray on display in a bookcase. Or, style with tea and cookies for a late afternoon tea service, the bathymetric details of Martha’s Vineyard peeking out from under the cream and sugar set.

Lake Tahoe Serving Tray

A Wood Chart serving tray is a unique and inviting addition to your home décor because of the conversations it will start and the memories it will evoke. Like any wood serving tray, it will provide plenty of functional services. But the beauty and richness of a Wood Chart serving tray are in a class of their own.

Unique Details of a Wood Chart Serving Tray

  • Made of Baltic birch
  • Single layer depth
  • Engraved names and locations
  • Acrylic glass protection

What is a Wood Serving Tray?

A wood serving tray is a multi-purpose tray with handles to carry items such as breakfast in bed or plates to a dinner table. Depending on the size of the wood serving tray, it can be used for a variety of purposes, from displaying décor to a lap desk. Wood serving trays can be solid wood without decoration or embellished with a nautical design like a wood chart.

A Wood Chart serving tray adds a nautical feel to any home décor. And in case you didn’t know it – nautical design is back in a big way. Nautical décor is seeing a surge in popularity, and you will love the use of wood charts to bring in a fresh hint of faraway shores and family vacations. You can jump into this timeless trend with the use of elegant and functional Wood Chart serving trays.

Top 5 Uses of a Wood Serving Tray

  1. Wooden drink tray
  2. Wooden centerpieces
  3. Wooden serving boards
  4. Mix-and-match tabletop display
  5. Kitchen decoration 

1. A wood serving tray is a classic way to serve drinks at a party.

Lake Michigan Serving Tray

A classy move at your next party is to serve guests their drinks from a wood serving tray. A sturdy, plain tray will do the job; however, a Wood Chart serving tray will provide a striking conversation starter and do impressively strong work at the same time. Who wouldn’t love lifting their beverage to find the beaches of Lake Michigan, where they spent time as a child? Summer beach stories, anyone?

2. Set an attractive table for your next gathering using a wood serving tray.

Add a wood serving tray to the center of the table and load it up with flowers in different-sized vases or candlesticks of different heights and styles. You can also use the wood serving tray to make a grand entrance with the main course, like your signature roasted turkey.

3. Use wood serving trays to style food stations.

New Orleans serving tray

Wood serving trays make excellent (and portable!) food trays for setting up several stations throughout your party space. Create a lovely charcuterie design on a New Orleans serving tray, a sumptuous peeled shrimp display on a Cape Cod serving tray, and the makings for ice-cold Manhattans on a Manhattan serving tray. Not only will your guests love the clever presentation of food and drinks, but they will also be delighted to uncover the intricate Wood Chart points of interest underneath.

4. Make your coffee table a focal point with a wood serving tray display.

A Hawaiian Islands serving tray will pull focus with a mix-and-match display of healing crystals, fossils, and other souvenirs you brought home from your trip to the islands. Add a delicate orchid to a vase to create height and balance and your wood serving tray.

Your Hawaii display will be a conversation piece, for sure. Be ready to share the name of that amazing Maui store where you found all these gorgeous treasures!

5. Wood serving trays make functional décor in every kitchen.

Hawaiian Islands Serving Tray

There truly is nothing you can’t do with a wood serving tray in a kitchen! From decorating the countertop to organizing the dishes as they make their way to the dinner table, a wood serving tray is a kitchen essential – so you really want it to be as beautiful as it is functional. A kitchen with a Wood Chart serving tray tells the story of a well-traveled home and invites the stories of all who enter to share a meal.

What is the Best Wood Serving Tray?

The best wood serving tray is one of ample size for its function that inspires memories of time well spent and fuels a fire for more adventure to come. That would be a tall order for any wood serving tray except Wood Chart serving trays! With their exquisite detail and functional style, wood chart serving trays set the standard in service while reminding us that we have a passion to keep moving.

Wood Chart wood serving trays are in a league of their own with hand-stained Baltic birch that has been expertly engraved with water depth indicators, points of interest, and shorelines around many bodies of water. The wood chart is then covered by clear acrylic, protecting the nautical map and creating an ideal serving surface for a tray. The function and the intricate beauty of this wood serving tray make it by far the best serving tray around. 

Wood Chart Serving Trays Inspire Travel

San Juan Islands Serving Tray

Not sure what waterways you want to explore next? Look no further than Wood Chart serving trays to inspire your interest in the Great Lakes, Lake Winnipesaukee, or the San Juan Islands. The beautiful Lake Tahoe can be a jumping-off point for your collection, and adding to it will be both a pleasure and an obsession.

Beyond beauty and function, Wood Chart serving trays inspire memories of adventure with loved ones and fan the fires of wanderlust. Is it possible to stop traveling before you have collected all the Wood Chart serving trays? Well, it’s possible – but who would want to?

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