Meaningful Wood Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

When searching for the perfect present for your loved ones, it’s important to choose something unique, beautiful, and timeless. No matter who you’re searching for, wood gifts make meaningful presents for people from all walks of life. Next time you need a gift, explore the world of wood maps.   

What Makes a Gift Meaningful?

A gift is meaningful when it is helpful, personal, and can be cherished for years to come. Taking the time to select a meaningful present will help your loved ones feel supported and loved every time they look at it. If you choose something like wall art, they’ll be thankful for you every time they walk past.

Choose something helpful for the house, like a wood map serving tray, so they can feel your support every time they use it. Mindfully choosing a present for your friends and family makes all the difference.  

What Are Wood Charts?

Italy 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Wood charts are intricate 3D maps depicting topographic views of different locations. Every layer is carefully laser-cut to create accurate wood maps of the locations you know and love. Our wood maps show countries all over the globe, from the shores of California to Italy and beyond! This beautiful marriage of art and science is a beloved style of décor around the world. 

Why Give a Wood Gift?

Wood gifts are well-made and full of meaning, making them the perfect present for almost anyone in your life! Each wood map comes in an extensive array of different color schemes, designs, and locations, so whether they’re interested in cribbage or are passionate about wall art, there’s a wood gift for them. 

Wood maps also make the perfect travel gift for your loved ones. You can choose to highlight their most famous vacation or give them a reminder of their dream destination. Choose from an endless list of popular travel spots and inspire your traveling loved ones to continue their journeys. Appreciate this unique art form and help them pinpoint their cherished memories with a detailed travel gift.

Next time you’re hunting for a present, skip the flimsy toys and tchotchkes—wood gifts are designed to last. Wood maps are created with high-quality Baltic birch and solid wood frames, so this new favorite present can hang in your loved one’s home for years to come. Immortalize their favorite spots with a travel gift they’ll never stop enjoying. 

Our Favorite Wood Gifts

Lake Superior Cribbage Board

Wood maps are a precious present for anyone near and dear to you. With countless designs to choose from, it’s up to you to figure out which one fits the bill!

Discover our favorite wood gift options and find a wood map that works for them: 

Who Would Love a Wood Gift?

While anyone is sure to appreciate a unique wood chart gift, we love surprising these special people in our life:

  • Family
  • Travelers
  • Spouse
  • Homesick loved ones
  • Newlyweds

Gift a Wood Map to Your Family

Do you have that family beach house you trek to every summer? Do you and all your cousins have special memories at your grandmother’s house on the Great Lakes? Give the gift of those precious memories and commemorate your family destinations with beautiful wood maps. Retell the stories passed down from generation to generation, all while enjoying the sight of your beloved wood map.

Find the Perfect Travel Gift for World Travelers

Florida Keys, Florida 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Everyone has that person in their life who is always gearing up for their next trip. Whether they’re road-tripping across the United States or exploring abroad, a wood map is the perfect travel gift. Choose from maps of their favorite destinations, like the Florida Keys Wood Chart or dream vacation spot, and support their adventurous nature. That way, when they are home, this travel gift can be a constant reminder of their favorite adventures.  

Surprise Your Spouse with a Wood Gift

Did you know that a five-year wedding anniversary is the year of wood gifts? Whether you’re after the perfect birthday present or looking for a travel gift for your anniversary vacation, wood maps are sure to make your spouse smile. 

If you’re looking for a new hobby to share, explore the world of cribbage together with a travel gift board of your favorite spot. If they love interior design, choose a stunning wood map serving tray for them to stage around the house. The options for wood gifts for your partner are endless.

Send a Wood Map to Your Homesick Loved Ones

Wood charts are a meaningful way to support your homesick loved ones from afar. If you have a kiddo leaving for college soon, surprise them with a wood map for their dorm walls to remind them that they’ll always have a home wherever they end up. It may not be a cure for that lonely feeling, but gifting a wood chart will help them relive their cherished memories time and time again.  

Celebrate Newlyweds with Wood Gifts

California Coast 3-D Nautical Wood Chart

Next time you receive a wedding invite in the mail, you can automatically know that a wood map is the perfect meaningful wood gift for newlyweds. Commemorate their wedding spot, the place they met, or their honeymoon destination, and surprise them with a thoughtful wood map to put up in their home. Celebrate their new love with travel gifts that they’ll adore for years to come.  

How to Choose a Wood Chart for Someone Else

When you’re browsing the best wood gift options, it’s important to think like the person receiving the gift. Do they prefer a wood map for wall décor, or would they enjoy something more versatile and useful for their house, like a serving tray? If you know their style, consider the colors and wood grains, so they fit right into their home and personality. But above all else, remember that choosing this wood gift is a meaningful way to appreciate your relationship and help them to recall their favorite memories. 

Gone are the days of struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether you’re finding a travel gift to commemorate your adventures or are celebrating a beloved family vacation spot, wood maps are a meaningful and unique present that anyone can appreciate. 

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