The Perfect Wood Map for Every Gift

We create memories every day, but it's how we remember those special occasions that allows us to revisit them whenever we want. Certain locations hold the key to these happy memories, which is why we believe that topographic wood maps make the best gifts.

What is a Topographic Wood Map?

Chesapeake Bay 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large

Each of our hand-crafted 3D wood maps begins as a bathymetric chart that showcases the underwater landscape of a region or city. Next, the layers of the map are laser cut into sheets of the highest quality birch wood and then assembled to highlight the depth and beauty of the area

Why a 3D Wood Map Gift?

Topographic wood maps are the perfect hand-crafted gift to represent a favorite trip, where you grew up, or a place you dream of going. With the detail expressed in our 3D wood maps, you’ll be able to pinpoint favorite places or memories.

One of the reasons these wood charts make wonderful gifts is because of the detailed design that goes into each piece. Unlike traditional maps, Wood Chart adds etching to document the different highways, landmarks, and depth measurements, adding an even more stunning design to these pieces of lake art home decor. No matter who you're shopping for, they're sure to fall in love with the thoughtfulness and beauty behind each topographic wood map.

Great Occasions for Gifting a 3D Wood Map:

  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Commemorate a family vacation
  • Christmas
  • Housewarmings
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Graduations
  • Weddings
  • New baby
  • Host gifts 

Topographic Wood Maps for Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Salish Sea, Washington 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large

Whether you’ve been married one year or 50, there’s something special about celebrating your time spent together. Acknowledging what you’ve accomplished together, where you’ve been, and everything you’ve been through.

Each year you're married comes with a specific element that is incorporated into celebrating your anniversary. These traditions began in medieval times and gained popularity in the Victorian era. They’re intended to increase in value the longer you spend with your significant other. 

Traditional Wedding Gifts by Year:

  • 1 year - Paper
  • 2 years - Fiber
  • 3 years - Leather
  • 4 years - Flowers
  • 5 years - Wood
  • 6 years - Candy
  • 7 years - Copper
  • 8 years - Bronze
  • 9 years - Pottery
  • 10 years - Aluminum 

According to, wood is the fifth-anniversary milestone because it represents the durability of the marriage and the roots that the couple has established. Tying in the concept of putting down roots makes incorporating a topographic wood map even more special because it allows the couple to celebrate how far they've come from where they started. Choose the location to honor where you first met, where you said, 'I do,' or where you live when you celebrate your fifth anniversary.

3D Wood Map Gifts for a Birthday

Lake Tahoe Clock, 12 inch

Birthdays are incredibly special. From infancy to adulthood, the years that we spend with those we love and the adventures we share help create memories that are worth celebrating. One of the many reasons we believe topographic wood maps make great birthday gifts is because they honor our beginnings and the milestones we achieve along the way.

Our hand-crafted 3D wood maps make great birthday gifts for anyone in your life. You can pay tribute to the location they were born, the destination of a celebratory birthday trip, or where they arrived that year. A laser-etched wood chart is also a great way to surprise someone with a gift of adventure. Pick your destination, select your map, and then see their faces light up when they realize how special of a journey they're about to embark on.

Wood Chart Gifts for Unique Family Vacations

Honoring the trip of a lifetime means finding a way to reminisce about special memories. Although many people believe a photo album is sufficient, we can't explain how quickly the family will fall in love with a beautiful 3D wood map. These pieces make excellent focal points for a family home and can be surrounded by framed photos showcasing different parts of the journey.

Choose from one of our 5 topographic wood map styles:

3D Wood Maps Make the Best Christmas Gifts for Travelers

Santa Barbara/Channel Islands Serving Tray 20" X 13"

Maps are symbolic of the sense of adventure that comes from traveling. So, if you're celebrating Christmas with someone special and need to find the perfect gift, a topographic wood map is the perfect combination of unique and thoughtful.

Choose a location that means something to both of you or is a favorite of theirs to make it a gift that they'll cherish forever. 3D wood maps also make great Christmas gifts when surprising someone with a trip. Not only do they offer a surprise for the recipient, but they can also be used as a memento to commemorate the trip once it's over.

Unique Housewarming Gifts

Buying a house is an incredible adventure. Whether you want to commemorate your first home or where you hope to retire, 3D wood maps make lovely housewarming gifts for friends and family members. If you're particularly close to your neighbors, gifting them a custom topographic wood map is also a wonderful going-away gift to help them remember all the exciting times that you shared together as they embark on their new adventure. 

Show Your Love with a Topographic Wood Map Valentine’s Day Gift

Boston Harbor, Massachusetts 3-D Nautical Chart, 13"x17"

One of the exciting things about Valentine's Day is that it offers many unique locations to celebrate, like:

  • Where you met
  • First date location
  • Where you were married
  • Location of your honeymoon
  • Favorite anniversary vacation spot

Whether you met at school, as the product of a blind date, or they caught your eye at a concert, having a topographic wood map of the location of your meet-cute offers a perfect gift for celebrating Valentine's Day. Choose from a traditional wood or cork map, or honor your love with a serving tray, wall clock, or cribbage board.

Create a special tribute to your first date by pairing a beautiful 3D wood map of where you enjoyed your first date with a sweet card, framed photo, or dinner reservations. These maps offer a one-of-a-kind piece of home décor coupled with a framed memory celebrating a time in your life you'll never forget.

Another great way to gift a topographic wood map is with the location of your wedding. With the versatility that comes with these maps, you can choose a perfect gift for your significant other, wedding officiant, or members of your wedding party. Select a map made of cork or choose a serving tray.

Italy 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Large, 24.5" x 31"

Always remember your honeymoon in Italy or soaking up the sun on Hawaii’s Big Island when you gift her with a romantic 3D wood chart for her next Valentine’s Day gift. You can trace your favorite destinations along the expertly carved map or even plan your next anniversary trip!

Wood Maps for Graduation Gifts

Whether high school or college, graduation is a momentous occasion to celebrate. Topographic wood maps make lovely graduation gifts for students embarking on their next phase in life. Highlight the location of their school, a memorable trip they took for spring break, or where they had their favorite internship. These maps create memories they can carry with them for years to come as souvenirs of the time spent dedicated to advancing their knowledge.

Choose a 3D wood map that can be hung on the wall next to their diploma or added to their desk at their first post-collegiate job. There are so many possibilities to help your favorite student celebrate their achievements.

Step up Your Wedding Gifts Game with Topographic Wood Maps

Newlyweds have so many things to celebrate. If you're looking for a fun and unique wedding gift, a 3D wood map is always a fantastic choice. These maps allow you to highlight unique locations the couple has visited throughout their courtship, including where they first met, where they shared their first kiss, the site of their first date, and the spot where they got engaged.

Hawaii (The Big Island) 3-D Nautical Wood Chart, Small, 16" x 20"

Another thing we love about nautical wood maps as wedding gifts is the versatility of the designs. Select a serving tray for couples who love to entertain or a cribbage board for couples who are always up for a game night. If you're looking for a wedding gift for your coworker, the cork maps make an excellent addition to any office décor.   

If you're a newlywed shopping for gifts for your bridal party, these maps also make a great choice. Highlight the location you met each person, your wedding venue, or where you went for your bachelor or bachelorette party. Adding a custom handwritten note of thanks and why the location is meaningful to you and each person will make the gift even more special. 

Wood Chart Gifts to Welcome a New Baby

Growing your family is an exciting time, and everything your new little one experiences it for the first time. As they get older, you'll be able to share stories with them about the first years of their life. Topographic wood maps make beautiful pieces of décor for a nursery or child's room to help show them the important places in your lives.

San Francisco Bay Cork Map, 8" x 10"

Whether you're looking for a gift for the child in your life or something to shower the new parents with love, a 3D wood map is a choice that will create a focal point in any room. Pair the map with a painting of the home you lived in when they came home from the hospital or photos of their milestone moments. The possibilities are endless!

Quick and Easy Gifts for Your Favorite Host

Having the personality to host successful gatherings is a skill set that comes naturally to certain people. Celebrate your favorite host with a gift that keeps on giving with a topographic wood map serving tray. Choose a location that is meaningful to them and let the design light up the room.

A serving tray is a perfect addition to any host's tools because it can be used during a party and then beautifully displayed on a shelf or counter when not in use. If you're looking for something a bit more, pair the tray with a selection of delicious elements such as meats, cheeses, crackers, and spreads that the host can grab at a moment's notice to help make the perfect charcuterie board.

Expertly crafted on birch wood with stunning blue-green waters and natural wooden tones, our 3D wood maps feature extraordinary detail that is sure to set your gift apart from the rest. We know the lucky recipients of these thoughtful wood chart gifts will display them in places of honor and think of the giver fondly whenever they walk by. Add some nautical nostalgia, dreams, and joy to their home décor when you gift a unique topographic wood map to your loved ones.

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