Impactful Home Décor: Adding a Decorative Wall Clock to Your Home

Clocks were an early sign of class and prestige. Only the upper class could afford them, so they were placed on the wall to be seen but also to prevent people from bumping into them. With the early years of gears and inner-working parts, one bump would require a complete reset of the mechanical system.

We continue to add decorative wall clocks to our homes as a nod to the times of invention and class. Antique wooden clocks have been passed down for generations, but more modern clocks are easily accessible and generally serve just two purposes – to tell time and provide impactful home décor.

What to Look for in a Decorative Wall Clock

Hawaii (The Big Island) Clock, 12 Inch

A wall clock is a functional piece of art that can serve as a decorative accent piece or the focal point of a room. Choosing a decorative wall clock for your home can depend on the size of the space where you want to hang the clock to the choice of material that complements the rest of your décor. What you are looking for is a decorative wall clock that heightens your environment’s overall design. 

Decorative Wood Clock Materials

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Wood wall clocks can add a touch of the rustic farmhouse style when the wood is washed out or the clock is made of more common wood like pine, eucalyptus, or mahogany. Decorative wood clocks with a nautical theme can lean towards the interior design style of a beach house or cabin by the lake. Maps on a wood wall clock provide visual interest while infusing nautical vibes into your space.

Great Lakes Wood Clock

Plastic decorative wall clocks are typically the most budget-friendly and easiest to hang. Plastic also comes in a variety of colors, so it may be easier to match your interior design style. But it’s not as sustainable as other materials, so it may have to be replaced more often. There are plenty of options to choose from when looking for a decorative wall clock made of plastic, whether you prefer modern clocks or traditional.

Decorative wall clocks made of metal blend well with a more modern, minimalist interior design style. Metal clocks can be found with simple designs or styles featuring a more complex view of the retro-futuristic technology and aesthetics popular in the steampunk style. Modern clocks made of metal range from industrial to more refined finishes and can create atmospheres - from glam to shabby chic - within any space.

Colors of a Decorative Wood Clock

To ensure a decorative wood clock makes an impact, choose a color that contrasts with the color of the wall on which it will be hung. If the two blend, it will not create the visual interest you are looking for, and it could be difficult to tell time as well! If you are going to choose a colored clock, it is good to use an accent color – pull a color from accent pillows or an area rug.

What are the Perfect Places in the Home for a Wall Clock?

  1. Laundry room
  2. Kitchen
  3. Living room
  4. Family room
  5. Entrance/foyer

1. Why should you hang a wall clock in your laundry room?

Maui Clock

The laundry room is probably the best place to hang a decorative wall clock to give you inspiration! This is an ideal spot for the wood wall clock you got to commemorate your trip to Hawaii. Or for an inspirational quote that gives you hope that one day all the laundry will be finished. A medium wall clock would be a perfect fit for any laundry room.

2. The kitchen is a classic place to hang a decorative wall clock.

Our kitchens can be as busy as a train station in the mornings, and, like train stations, we need to be sure everyone leaves on time. A medium wall clock in the kitchen is great for telling time, keeping track of minutes while cooking, and for providing interesting detail to a room that is rumored to be all work and no play. The kitchen is another room that could benefit from a wood wall clock with the map of the next destination on your travel bucket list! 

3. The living room is the most common place for a decorative wall clock.

A wall clock in the living room makes the most sense because the room is just for that – living! If this is the hub of your home, you want to be able to track the time and have a stylish-looking room. If your living room is where you entertain guests, a decorative wall clock will be a beautiful focal point – and keep your guests informed of when it is time to wrap up their visit. Get a large one for a spacious wall, or opt for a medium wall clock to add to a gallery wall or styled shelf. 

4. A wall clock in the family room keeps the day running on time.

Hilton Head Clock

If you have a family room for watching television and playing games with the kids, a decorative wall clock is an ideal addition to the décor. Whether the medium wall clock becomes the focal point or not, it will be the timepiece that tracks bedtime and the requests for “just one more episode before bed.” A wood wall clock adds to the casual vibe of the room and sets a cozy tone for family and friends.

5. Choose a place to hang your wall clock in your entryway/foyer very carefully.

Tips on feng shui clock placement say you should never place a clock opposite an outside door. It is believed that the positive energy coming in the door becomes reflected in the glass and bounces out the chi energy. While it may be a lovely spot to hang your new modern clock, consider a wall in your entryway or foyer that does not face outside so you can let all the positive energy in!

Why Choose a Wood Wall Clock?

Wood wall clocks will never go out of style. They look fabulous and add classic appeal to any home as they tend to fit any décor style. You can instantly change the aesthetic of any room simply by adding a wood wall clock.

A wood wall clock helps create balance in a room because it adds a natural element to the décor. These clocks are also easy to personalize. You can have a name engraved on it or have a design engraved into the wood wall clock that is meaningful for you – like a map.

Wood Wall Clock from Wood Chart

Lake Tahoe Wood Clock

A wood wall clock from Wood Chart features all the design elements you would expect from a modern clock. A wood wall clock is a stylish timepiece that elevates any home décor. High-quality clocks are made from resilient birch and intricately engraved with some of the world’s most popular destinations. A wood wall clock is the ultimate handcrafted gift and makes a stunning addition to any space – at home or office.

Features of a Wood Chart Wall Clock

  • Laser-cut birch wood
  • Hand-stained waterways
  • Etched landmarks
  • Points of interest

Wall Clocks with USA Destinations

Make an instant impact by adding a wood wall clock to your home that features your state or favorite USA vacation destination. With every tick of the clock, you can be reminded of the great times you had with your family and how much fun you had spending time together. Inspire conversations about fun facts about the Great Lakes with the popular wall clock from Wood Chart.

7 Popular USA Destination Wood Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks Featuring International Appeal

Italy Wood Clock

Create instant visual interest by adding a bit of international intrigue to your home décor with wood wall clocks featuring international destinations. Whether you have already visited these beautiful places or dream of seeing them soon, each wall clock will serve as a reminder to travel as often as you can. 

5 Popular International Wall Clock Destinations

  1. Italy
  2. Ireland
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Salish Sea
  5. Gulf of Mexico

How to Properly Hang a Wall Clock

A well-placed medium wall clock can serve as a reminder to take a break from our devices and savor the moments with our friends and family. There are ways to hang a modern clock that take into consideration the rules of feng shui and personal comfort. Keep both in mind when choosing the ideal place for your wall clock.

The right wall is a good place to start. When you have chosen the room, consider the wall on which you would like to feature your medium wall clock. If it is a large, empty wall, you will want a larger clock with a heavier frame to take up space. If it is a smaller wall or the clock is to serve as an accent piece, a medium wall clock will work perfectly in any material. 

The Right Height for a Wall Clock

Ireland Wood Clock

Finding the right height that keeps the modern clock comfortably in view throughout the day is important to consider. A good rule of thumb is to keep the medium wall clock at eye level, but the impact of a modern clock can be effective above eye level as well. For example, above a doorway can be a comfortable height and allow you to keep your medium wall clock in sight as you move throughout your home.

How Big is Too Big for a Wall Clock?

No more than two-thirds to three-quarters of your wall space should be covered by a wall clock. Depending on the size of your wall, that could be one huge clock! Space out your pieces and avoid visual clutter. If your wall is nearing its limit or already has several statement pieces, you may want to change to a medium wall clock or smaller to reduce some of the clutter.

Modern Clocks as Art

A modern clock is a piece of art. You will want to avoid placing it on a wall where it will be blocked by taller pieces of furniture or have a sightline that might be obstructed by lighting. Avoid overcrowding your wall clock with other art, leaving four to six inches between your modern clock and any other hanging piece.

Modern clocks command attention on their own; however, they can add texture and detail to gallery-style arrangements. Try placing your modern clock off-center with other pieces of art to add visual interest to the arrangement. Keep in mind the dimensions of a medium wall clock, so it does not overpower – or get overpowered by – nearby furniture or art.

Wood Wall Clocks Make Thoughtful Gifts

New Orleans Wood Clock

A clock is an excellent way to celebrate a special moment in someone’s life. Wall clocks are a long-lasting gift that will serve as an ever-present reminder of the significant event and that you recognized the value in celebrating it. A modern clock is a timepiece that the recipient can appreciate every time they see it, for any reason it was given.

Gifting a clock has symbolic meaning. It’s as if you are giving the gift of time – but not literally! A modern clock is pure in its purpose of telling time and staying in the moment but can also make an impactful décor addition to your home or office. The true beauty of a medium wall clock can be in its simplicity and in the mindful vibe it brings to your home.

Wall Clocks Always Bring Interest and Impact

A quality wood wall clock can bring beauty and visual interest to any space. From a medium wall clock to the largest clock that fits your wall space, there are so many styles of clocks to choose from. Each size, material, style, and placement will have an immediate impact on the décor of your home.

Whether you are selecting a wood wall clock for your own space or gifting a modern clock for an occasion to remember, a quality timepiece lasts forever. Even with the advancement of technology and timepieces that provide digital and even audible time-telling, clocks continue to have a major impact on style and décor. One of the greatest things about a wall clock is that it can be both functional and beautiful.

High-quality wood map wall clocks make a significant impact on any space. The beauty of the piece, coupled with the nostalgia (or anticipation!) of a moment of wanderlust, can draw the eye and move the heart each time it is looked upon. Perhaps that is what is most impactful about letting these wall clocks make a positive change in your space.

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