Map of San Francisco Bay Wood Clock

San Francisco Bay Clock, 12" Diameter

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San Francisco is a timeless classic that shows up from time to time in popular culture. The first electric television was invented in 1927 by Philio Farnsworth while he was living in Frisco. Thanks to Mr. Farnsworth, who doesn’t recognize the theme song from Full House? No judgement – we know you have hummed along while admiring the Golden Gate Bridge in the opening scenes.

In 1966, the Beatles played their first California concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. Though the Beatles were not well known enough to attract a capacity crowd, there are many other celebrities that come from San Fran including Danny Glover, Ansel Adams, Clint Eastwood, Natalie Wood, and Robert Frost. A deep history of artistry runs through the city which supports over 50 film festivals each year, keeping the tradition of creativity alive and well.

The San Francisco Bay topography and bathymetry as seen on a wood map highlights the beauty and artistry of this historic city. The rolling hills and surrounding bays are etched into high-quality Birch, then the names of different points of interest are added. Each piece of high-quality birch is cut to precision and the background is hand-stained a stunning blue to match the waters surrounding San Francisco.

It is time to revisit fantastic memories of San Francisco with each tick of this wood map clock.

Points of Interest on a San Francisco Bay Nautical Clock:
San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Vallejo, San Rafael, Sausalito, Alameda, Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz, Bridge Bay, Redwood City, and Palo Alto
San Francisco Bay Wood Map Clock Details:
  • Made of high-quality Birch
  • 12” Diameter
  • Laser-etched Contours and Landmarks
  • Runs on a Single AA Battery

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