Putting a Wood Clock in Your Home

Does your home reflect your personality? Does it reflect your life experiences and favorite memories? If not, it should. Gone are the days of generic design and never taking your space beyond ‘builder basic.’

Let’s explore why you should have a wood clock in your home:

  • Why is a wall clock an essential piece of home décor?
  • Why choose a wood clock?
  • Where should you put a wood clock in your home?
  • How do you decorate with lake art?

Why is a Clock an Essential Piece of Home Décor?

To start, let’s talk about why a wall clock is essential in any home. Even though there are so many digital clocks that are built into our space, let’s face it, the clock on the microwave isn’t always showing because someone forgot to clear the display after warming up their food, and your phone won’t tell you the time if it has a dead battery.

Just like an analog watch, wall clocks keep consistent time, making for great additions to your home. Wood clocks especially add a splash of personality for functional décor you’ll love.

Why Choose a Wood Clock?

Italy Wood Map Clock

A clock is often the heartbeat of the family. A wood clock featuring lake art is the perfect way to commemorate your favorite trips and destinations without adding clutter. Did you go backpacking through Italy? Is your family Irish? Did you learn to surf in Maui? Whatever your story, a wood clock is a great way to show your personality at the heart of your home.


Where Should You Put a Wood Clock in Your Home?

While a wall clock can work well in just about any room of your home, there are a few places that really benefit from the beauty and functionality of a wood clock.

The best places to display your wood clock are high-traffic places where you are likely to spend time and thus reap the benefits of having a wood clock on your wall. These spaces are the most public and typically most decorated spaces in the home, making them perfect spots for you to add personality with an expertly carved wood clock.

Top 3 Places to Display Your Wood Clock

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Hallway


The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is where we spend time prepping, cooking, baking, eating, and more recently, supervising schoolwork or working ourselves. Having a wall clock in the kitchen is a great way to help make sure you stay on time.

Living Room

The living room is another area in the home where people spend a lot of their time. The décor in this room tends to have more personality as it is a room designed for comfort. Lake art makes for a great addition as it adds a very personal and unique touch that will make for a great conversation starter.


A hallway is a great place for a clock

Hallways are high-traffic spaces that can present a unique challenge to decorate. Some hallways are too narrow or short to have furniture, so decorating the walls is the most viable way to inject personality into an otherwise bland space. Lake art and wood clocks are perfect for these spaces as they’re beautiful and a great way to ensure that you are aware of the time as you move from room to room.

When you’re looking for just the right place to hang your wall art, don’t forget to evaluate the layout of the room, where features such as windows and fireplaces are, and where the other art/décor is in the space.

You’ll want to ensure that the wood clock is visible from multiple vantage points for easy time tracking. For example, a great place to put your wood clock is by a window opposite of where you enter the room. This ensures maximum visibility, so not only can you see the time, but also enjoy the unique map design.

How do You Decorate with Lake Art?

A wood clock is a great way to decorate with lake art. Whether you choose to complement a wood art serving tray that doubles as home décor or make your expertly etched, high-quality wood clock the main feature of a room, you’ll have a great conversation piece that brings up memories of travels past and vacations yet to come.

When hanging your wood clock, make sure that there is enough space on either side to let the design stand out. For example, if it is a 12” clock, ensure that you have 6-10 inches on either side to allow the design to pop and ensure your space doesn’t look cluttered.

What Else Should I Know About Wood Clocks?

Lake art wood clocks are exceptionally crafted 3D pieces that feature the same level of detail as you’ll find on full-size wood maps. The topographical detail includes the depths of the waters and slopes of the shores from your favorite locales to add dimension.

What Type of Wood Are the Wood Clocks Made Of?

Expertly etched into Baltic birch, Wood Chart wood clocks and lake art add a chic, warm touch to any space. Baltic birch is of superior quality and strength, ensuring the fine details of the piece will stand the test of time. Add in the calming blues and greens of the hand-stained waterways, and you’ve got a calming, nautical addition to your space that will help you stay on schedule.

Do Wood Clocks Make Good Gifts?

Wood Charts Make Great Gifts

Wood clocks with lake art make amazing hand-crafted gifts. These unique, personal gifts will be cherished for years to come, especially if they do double-duty by helping the recipient remember some of their favorite destinations. Did they spend summers at the Great Lakes or grow up in Boston? Either way, you can be confident that they will love such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

How to Decorate with Lake Art

Decorating with lake art is a great way to honor and commemorate your favorite memories, travels, or even aspirational bucket-list trips. When decorating with lake art, either in your home or at your cottage/vacation property, wall clocks, serving trays, cork maps, and cribbage boards are great options. What’s important is finding one that resonates with you.

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