How a Serving Tray Can Add Personality to Your Space

Anytime you Google “current trends” in fashion, beauty, or home décor, a common theme is always “if you love it, do it.” It’s not so much about what is in style or on-trend as it is about showing your personality and showing it in a way that is authentic. A serving tray is a great option to not only share a memory but to stylishly make the space unique to you.

Santa Barbara/Channel Islands Serving Tray

First, let’s talk about some common challenges when it comes to showing personality in your space, then we’ll talk about why a serving tray featuring lake art or a nautical map is a great option. Read on for five reasons you should show your personality in your space with a serving tray that’s as beautiful as it is functional.

The answers to these 5 questions show why a serving tray makes for the perfect home décor piece for anyone:

  • Do I have to spend a lot of money to show my personality?
  • Are the serving trays mass-produced?
  • Where should I put a serving tray?
  • Do serving trays make good gifts?
  • What if I don’t like clutter?

1. Do I have to spend a lot of money to show my personality?

No, it doesn’t have to be a big change or expensive project to inject personality. There are many ways to bring personality into a space, such as finding items that bring you joy and aren’t mass-produced and bringing them in – bonus points if there is a story to go with it. A serving tray featuring a nautical map from one of your favorite travel destinations is much less expensive than creating a feature wall, buying new furniture, or changing out light fixtures.

2. Are the serving trays mass-produced?

Gulf of Mexico Serving Tray

Definitely not. These serving trays are not mass-produced or sold at big-box retailers, so in addition to supporting a small business, you’ll have something that is unique and tells a story. Did you get engaged near the Gulf of Mexico? Take a family vacation to Hawaii? Do a road trip along the coast of California? Allow our expertly etched serving tray remind you of the happy times you had on your trip.

3. Where should I put a serving tray?

Your serving tray is as versatile as it is beautiful. It looks stunning displayed on a shelf, used to style a mantle, or as the centerpiece on a table. It goes equally well in your main home or in a vacation cottage. Lake art pairs incredibly well with nautical maps to help further show your personality. 

4. Do serving trays make good gifts?

New Orleans Serving Tray

A great way to show personality is by giving a gift that demonstrates you put time and effort into picking it out. Serving trays make excellent gifts. They are thoughtful, personal, functional, and unique – essentially everything you could want in a gift.

A great example of when a serving tray would make an excellent gift is if a friend celebrated their bachelor/bachelorette in New Orleans – a serving tray from this location would make an excellent wedding present for them to remember these special times. Lake art and nautical maps are a great way to commemorate travels and savor memories. 

5. What if I don’t like clutter?

Serving trays are a great way to tell a story, inject personality into your space, remind you of something meaningful, and serve up treats in style at your next get-together. They can be decorative and used to style a shelf or table, or they can be used as a traditional tray, dishing out goodies to friends and family. Whichever you choose, you are not limited, so a beautiful lake art serving tray is a great way to add personality without adding clutter.

Why Else Should I Choose a Serving Tray?

Hawaiian Islands Serving Tray

These serving trays are beautifully etched, exceptionally detailed, and functional. They are nautical maps that can invoke a special moment or a whole host of memories. Below are a few more reasons to choose lake art to let your personality shine in your space:

  • Add an element of surprise
  • Tell a story

Add an Element of Surprise to Your Décor

By using something like a lake art serving tray, an item typically used for, you know, serving, and using it in a non-traditional way, like to display vintage teacups filled with succulents or as the show-stopping piece on your mantle, you turn convention on its head and bring in your own personality. Lake art and nautical maps are beautiful and eye-catching – the perfect way to add some “you” to your space.

Tell a Story

Your space should bring you joy and reflect your uniqueness. The serving trays with nautical maps and lake art are a way to tell a story about your family vacation to the Great Lakes, that time you went skiing at Lake Tahoe, or your beach trip to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. Whatever your story is, these intricately carved serving trays are a great way to tell it.

What is Featured on the Serving Trays?

Puget Sound Serving Tray

Along with famed lakes across the U.S., these serving trays are not limited to lake art. Featured destinations also include nautical locales like the Chesapeake Bay, Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and Santa Barbara/Channel Islands. Each topographical wood map serving tray showcases the beauty of the depths of the sea and the unique terrain of the shoreline.

What are the Serving Trays Made From?

With the same attention to detail as is given to the nautical maps, the serving trays are laser-cut from Baltic birth and feature hand-stained water accents. The trays are 3D, with the land raised above the surrounding water to add depth and detail. Etched into the surface is the surrounding surface, with landmarks and points of interest added.

To make them functional and add a layer of protection, the serving trays are topped with clear acrylic glass. 

Serving Trays Add the Perfect Touch of Personality to Your Space

Whatever your style is, wherever your space is, it should reflect who you are. Your memories, experiences, and dreams are part of who you are, and lake art, nautical maps, and serving trays are great ways to showcase those pieces of your life in your space.

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